Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Few More Lil’ Lols




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  1. I sense Jason is a fun dude.

  2. LOL Jason.

  3. Thank you Jason.


  4. Yeah Jason is a Cheeky one. Clive couldn’t keep it metric.

  5. if she didn’t have time to change her trousers, how did she find the time to go on facebook and post about a solution to having poo on them?

    Not to mention, how did she manage that one?

  6. People and poo. Never ceases to amaze me how many people have difficulty with their sphincter shutter speed.

  7. I’m gonna guess she didn’t shit herself but was changing/holding a baby?
    Or maybe it is just that straightforward that she couldn’t hold it in.

  8. lol jokes about women!!!!!!!

  9. Clive is an amateur. If you’re going to insult another man’s wang, you can’t give a measurement that any actual person could actually have or people will just assume you’ve not only actually seen the object in question, but measured it as well. He should have stayed with metric, and just switched units, thusly:

    “Suppose it’s better than the 20mm you usually wake up to buddy”.

    Or, he could go the other way and go for the cheap gay joke:

    “The last time Rick saw 20cm, he was being cornholed by it.”

    Or something of that nature. Seriously Clive, you may not be able to take any pride in that toothpick you call a penis, but you could at least take some pride in your work.

  10. the first one was so funny

  11. 20 cm is actually 7.8 inches, now I’m confused.

  12. When trying to go FTW fails live with Clive smallwang

  13. Someone uses the word small, or little in a status… this gets turned, into a “you got a small dick” joke.

    Wow really original.

  14. Exactly what Rach said.

    a.) How did she have time to post this?
    b.) WHY did she post this?

  15. This post is full of dicks.

    Clive is the biggest (littlest).
    He can’t tell a good joke, come on bro.

  16. Karin, learn from this. Don’t wear white trousers if you’re prone to crapping yourself.

  17. I like turtles.

  18. That she had time to post for a solution on FB (and presumably time to wait for the responses to trickle in, even whilst the poo was undoubtedly trickling down her leg) but didn’t have time to change was my first thought too.

    But then I wondered, even if Karin found a way to make her now grotty white slacks *look* clean as the driven snow, what the hell did she think she was going to do about the unholy stench emanating from her nether regions? Might have been a bit of a give away.

    Incidentally Karin, the answer you were looking for is *washing*. Perhaps not the quick solution you’d hoped for, but works a damn sight better than liquid-papering over the brown bits.

  19. Zombie kid is where jokes go to die…

  20. @acanadianinOz – HA HA HA HA. I hate that guy! .. I mean if he is going to do it he should at least type it the way the kid says it.. “I like tuh-tles” lol..

    Did it ever cross anyones mind that maybe Clive is so…well enhanced he thinks 5 inches is jokingly small???… eh?? Eh!?!

    Hey a girl can dream right??? lol

  21. I’m guessing she didn’t poo her pants but got poo on her pants

    Either baby poo, as suggested already, or animal poo or an elderly person’s poo (shit does indeed happen)

    And now she has to get to an important engagement where white denim rules

    That’s kind of worse than shitting your pants

  22. Either way cunfunuctky, she’s still got crap all over her pants, which has got to stink (yeah, crappy pun intended).

    But if she’s wearing white denim, she could just go for the ‘jumper tied around the waist look’, which ties in nicely with the whole 80s bogan theme. And then all she needs to do is hope that all the people at her engagement have olfactory impairment and she’ll be sweet.

  23. Ahahahah
    Logically & wo— omg I can’t DO IT!

  24. Brilliant.

  25. @9: Agreed. Total fail. 5 inches is not a major insult. it’s really not that small either… pretty average i’d say?

  26. @ Jason: lol what an A$$!

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