Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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  1. Slendermans Girlfriend

    The second one…I just can’t. What the fuck is that.

  2. LMAO at the 2nd one!! That is just hilarious. I love how her tits burst into flames and only then did her ‘bbz’ realize how much he really thought her tits were stunners to kill. I cry every time I read ‘dat’. 🙂

  3. Twilight better fucking not get an Oscar. Jesus fuck.

  4. 2nd is awesome! Ali G does a take on that emo piece of crap one where the boy gives his heart to a girl in a heart transplant GOD FUCK FUCKING FUCK I WANT TO PUKE …

    Britt, the new Twilight must be awesome if you stopped halfway through the movie to tell us about it on Facebook. Die in a Fire.

  5. Thank you Christine for taking that whole “boy makes girl cry but actually meant something better than what she was thinking” meme to a new level of ridiculous bullshit motherfucking garbage. I am touched.

    And I’m with #1. Thanks to the ebonics element I can’t even decipher what the hell is going on. I’m guessing that’s a GOOD thing.

  6. Britt Is Using A New Form Of Humour Called Sarcasm. It Can Be Difficult To Spot On The Internet, So The International Standards Agency Requires In Future That All Sarcastic Posts Use Initial Caps.

  7. U h8ing on Patterz jus coz u dnt sparkl in da son.
    (How’s that? I hesitated about adding the “a” in sprkl.
    I’m thinking of trying immersion to get better at… taht.)

    Glad gurl and bf died before they could spawn

  8. I think I just pissed a little while laughing my ass off at the second one.

    What has humanity become?

  9. ha can’t believe bush thought that girl was obama what an IDIOT

  10. Christine is the downfall of modern society.

  11. What’s funnier is people who still can’t get obvious sarcasm. Dumbfucks


  13. How dare Indians not know the names of our great American politicians! Let’s mock them on Lamebook!

  14. It is people like this that make me afraid for the future.

  15. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I thought Christine’s status was heading for “Like this status if you wish people who type like this should burst into flames”
    Tofu that isn’t Ebonics, that’s just someone typing like a fucktard. No self respecting black person would ever say “Stunnahz 2K11 Bbz”

  16. Christine must have been heavily sedated. I have to admit that I did laugh. The phonetic and text speak added to the effect.

  17. Christine’s is definitely sarcasm. If it was real, her name would be “ChristineSexyChocolateMofoInStillettoz.”

  18. My favorite part of Christine’s comment was “she ded”. Can’t stop laughing at that.

  19. Okay, Christine must be trolling. There’s no way that anyone would mean that. Her boobs caught fire? Come on. Seriously. It’s parody. Has to be. For the sake of humanity, it must be. Please say it is. Please.

  20. I think Christine’s post is a troll. She spelled a few things correctly. She spelled ‘said’ as ‘sed’ but then spelled it correctly later.

  21. Oops. Sorry. I thought she spelled something correctly once. But, I still think it’s a troll.

  22. The International Standards Agency sounds Like Something I Can Really Get Behind.

    Oh, and Hazl? It isn’t parody. It’s Deadly Serious. Breast Implants Have Been Known To Spontaneously Combust And Kill The Host. She ded.

  23. Oh Christine, please, for the sake of the English language (and the sanity of your FB friends), go back to school.

    Anyone who even thinks about nominating Twishite for an Oscar needs to DIAF.

  24. Christine’s post is fake. There are loads of facebook groups like that, supposed to be mocking when people type like that or something along those lines. I’m not really sure why…

  25. If these are real someone needs to die. Hardcore, right?

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