Monday, December 19, 2011


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  1. Even in his death there will be no shortage of Kim Jong Il jokes.

  2. Why is the Spanish one on here? My Facebook isn’t in English either. Cool story, right?

  3. It’s an internet meme joke, butterscotch

  4. butterscotchcandy

    Ah, I see. Still pretty weak.

  5. I like Joelle. I like her pragmatism.

  6. Except Joelle is only taking about a select few stars. We see alpha centauri (binary star) as it was only around 4.36 years ago. I am sure it is still there.

  7. Oh but your dreams still are dead and you suck

  8. mmm..not sure about other countries but we make a wish when we see a falling star,and that’s not a real star..anyway lame status Joelle,you hippie cunt

  9. Congrats, Hawkbit, I see you know who to use Google. Good job, child, good job.

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