Monday, December 19, 2011

So True!

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  1. Really, Lamebook? We’re taking shit from Tumblr now?
    Also, these pretzels are making me firsty.

  2. This comment is for Pedantrix, after his sarcastic comment about Google, I googled “Is Pedantrix a prick?” I urge you all to google the same question, and see what the first result is that comes up.

  3. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Dude, that was like 7 months ago.

  4. LOL @ #1

  5. IT’S STILL THE FIRST THING THAT COMES UP…and you can’t take that away from.

  6. ….and then you keep refreshing because you’re convinced that the one new update is just the result of Facebook being “not warmed up yet”…

  7. so funny…………… so true…. (breaks out sobbing)

  8. crusty, did you mean: is pediatrics a prick? Google wants to know.

  9. In related news, Pedantrix was only saying what the rest of us were thinking. No need to get all bitchy about it.

  10. I think I’ll check facebook.

  11. Google is a curious one, I’ll do the questioning though. Why not get all bitchy? It’s the internet, and he/she came across like a fucking tool.

  12. ^I’m just gonna go ahead and take your call of someone ‘coming across like a fucking tool’ as the words of a girl with some experience in the matter.

  13. ^Take it like a donkey dick in the arse if you want; no skin off my nose, pet.

  14. ^hate to get all freudian, but I wasn’t talking about bestiality. Got something on your mind?

  15. By all means, please talk about bestiality.

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