Monday, December 19, 2011


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  1. nice looking apple.

  2. Dude, I took and posted a photo exactly like this to facebook years ago. Why didn’t I get lamebooked?

  3. Original……..

  4. @tojeem, because it’s lamebook, no self-aggrandising-fucktard-book… or maybe it is.. ok you’re in.

    What do you want for such a shite joke, a cookie (perhaps from “years ago”)?

  5. I found a half eaten cookie in my trunk that’s probably from years ago you can have.

  6. hmm downgrade id say

  7. @ainsy69 how is it a downgrade? now he has a fancier computer AND an apple!!!

  8. Funny, but 135 likes? These people are sluts for humor.

  9. @stubbyholder Yeesh, I was just saying it’s unoriginal. No need to go all Gordon Ramsay on me.

  10. ^I’d say there’s every need to do just that.

  11. Yeah, that’s great Farzin – I’m happy for you. Now all you need to do to your lame Windows laptop is to stop it crashing all the time, so can actually get on with doing some real work (instead of having to fix/upgrade it all the time), like Mac users do!

  12. Uh, I have two windows laptops and I have yet to experience a single crash, neither have I had to fix either one. Probably because I’m not a fucking idiot who’s too stupid to properly operate Windows or install a simple virus scanner, which is apparently far beyond the abilities of smug mac fags like yourself, hence the slogan “it just works”. You may need a retard-proof toy computer, but not everyone does.

  13. My roommate’s Mac crap (whether it be his iPad, iPhone, or MacBook) needs to be taken in to the Apple store once a month.

    My girlfriend just last week lost all her data on her iMac due to a hard drive failure.

    I’ve never once seen a PC virus that wasn’t due to user stupidity, and I’ve never had one on any of personal computers.

  14. How is that supposed to be an upgrade? Mac sucks.

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