Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What A Bitch.


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  1. I want to be Tiffany’s friend. She sounds like a total bitch.

  2. i took a drink of coffee before reading this one and then just spit it up all over the place. what a bitch.

  3. Definitely the BAD kind of bitch.

  4. That would make me laugh too.

  5. somewhereunderthesun

    she is an obese girl with so many hairs on her nipples and also a big mustache she ignores.. so just understand her guys.. she just does not want to be a 45 virgin anymore..

  6. somewhereunderthesun: What?

  7. schadenfreude!

  8. so…
    If she heard someone talking to their wedding planner would she cry?

  9. what a spiteful cunt.

  10. I was at the coffee bean with my divorce lawyer. D:

  11. Biatch

  12. This is the kind of person who gets shanked on a Wednesday night while digging through her Prada bag trying to find the keys to her BMW.

  13. I’d laugh too- that’s not a phone call you should make in a public place

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