Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Matters 2


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  1. Never should have had a child…

  2. can’t wait to see the makeup thread

  3. Poor Mya will never have a chance in this world with parents like that…

  4. This is disturbing beyond words. To make myself feel better I *would* go do me and whoever I’m with, but I’m too waisted.

  5. That was painful.

  6. Oh so glad to see 2 people like this…

  7. yay for single parent child, the failure of society incoming

  8. Lol@waisted…. sounds painful – is it like where you get so drunk your waist rotates uncontrollably? lols… xD

  9. Menace to Society

    What’s crazy about givin Mya a bath?
    Chris’ rection to divorce will be “lol”

  10. Menace to Society


  11. “Giving my child a bath”? “Soon to be divorced”?
    Why would anyone post that?

    I just don’t understand why they want everyone to know every single little thing about their lives…Makes no sense

  12. It’s coming to the point where I don’t laugh that much anymore about the stupidities people say and start feeling sorry for the world…

  13. “Mya, honey, mommy and daddy don’t love each other any more, and it’s kind of your fault.”

  14. Reminds me when I had to divorce my dad.

  15. I hope Chris liked the “ugh people are so fuckin annoying” status. That would be humorous.

  16. Imagine if this was spoken instead of typed.

    “I’m giving my daughter a bath.”


  17. Does “ugh” mean “black”?

  18. hahaha @ chinchillazillas post

  19. I love how no matter what Nicole says and how mad she’s getting Chris just keeps “lol”ing as though she’s made some kind of joke.

  20. I actually feel really bad for Nicole. This Chris character seems like a massive douche.

  21. Maybe Mya is made of sugar, thats why her mother is crazy….
    Im sure they’ll settle all of this over dinner at KFC….

  22. Lmao @ 21

  23. At home with the meth heads.

  24. @ canuck n#17
    Lol, but, thier blurred avatars look quite white to me. Especially Jocqueline.

  25. What kind of a freak leaves their divorcing spouse on their Facebook friends list?

  26. The kind that marries a freak like Chris?

    Nicole: Chris, I’m going to kill you

    Chris: Lol, ur so cwazy

    Gun: *bang*

  27. why do people like this deserve a child?

  28. More to the point… Why would a child deserve parents like that.

  29. @Him Haw. true true. i feel bad for Mya.

  30. I like to read this as though “Mya” is an anatomical pet name…

  31. New facebook statuses appear above the previous one not below… is this fake?

  32. Obviously you’re new here.

    Admin sometimes rearrange to make them easier to follow.


  33. that time of month huh?

  34. Jason, you are one of the many male idiots who ignorantly like to assume that anytime a woman is pissy or upset, it’s “that time of the month.” Seriously, is that what you really think or do you just find it humorous to go around saying? Either way, you won’t score any points by throwing out under-educated insults. Grow up and act like a real man.

  35. I really feel sorry for this kid. These two do not deserve to have a child

  36. Polluting the gene pool 101 right here

  37. @Ash: The reason why many ‘ignorant male idiots’ like to assume that women are probably having ‘that time of the month’ when they’re ‘pissy or upset’ is because many female idiots like to use that as an excuse for behaving like a psychopathic donkey with a sclerotic brain. Stop being such a git! It was obviously a joke, so lighten up! Sheesh!

    lol @ Dreamer & Him Haw

  38. John Players Standard

    LOL! Girls are such bitches!

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