Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. fuck.

  2. Is it a costumed ball?
    I have always wanted an excuse to wear my baby cloths once more!

  3. Meh…eh…yeah…

  4. That first one sucked enormous hairy sweaty monkey balls.
    I can’t tell what ‘rapersball’ was supposed to be originally. That is, if a letter really did blow off. ‘Drapersball?’ Dancing for people who hang drapes?

  5. I just hope someone’s going to clean up that sofa.

    Aww look at the pretty pussies, all furry and cute.

  6. Pretty pussies!

  7. the first pic… looks like someone had a little bit too much time on their hands.
    very creative though 🙂

  8. Raper’s ball. A dangerous sport.

  9. Damn, that’s one ugly ass sofa.

  10. Wow a lame pumpkin pic…
    A misspelled word…
    And a sexual innuendo….

    I think i’m going to go now…. my world was just blown apart by how hilarious these were…(sarcasm).

    I could find all of these at my nans house and she is wayyyyyy more fun than these posts. bye

  11. Wenda & Glenda, hahaha. <~~~~only thing I found even a tad chuckle worthy.

  12. Finally, a justified punishment for rapers. Yes, their weapons will be put on display.

  13. Make sure to put your best rapeface on ladies, this ball is killer. I’m dressing up as Willie Pickton (spelling?).

  14. You can tell that’s an older book, look at how furry those pussies are.

  15. #1 lmao, anal prolapse, goatse, and shit…ftw. 2 pumpkins, 1 carver..

    #2 meh
    #3 bigger meh.

  16. My husband is/was a Delta Chi so I happen to know the sign should have said Reapers Ball. It is kinda funny they misspelled it… Maybe.

  17. The person responsible for the first photo probably got his inspiriation from the rathergood.com 2 Pumpkins 1 Cup video; it’s been up for years.

  18. @17 I almost did that actually, and I’ve never seen that (still haven’t, too lazy).. but decided it would be lame.

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