Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keyboarding 101

Keyboarding 101

Keyboarding 101

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  1. @AG: Thanks. You saved me with that translation. It was a worthy cause. Now we all know what retards some people really are.
    Even with the translation it was still utter crap.

  2. Should people like this even be allowed to live?

  3. Jennifer (yes, really)

    We have to do something about the kids these days, guys. I realized about five years ago that I was falling off the Cool Wagon when everything on what used to be my go-to radio station started to sound like absolute shit. Since then, my favorite stores have degenerated into loud, neon nightmares. Sincerely? NEON? Now I know why there was such a backlash when all things ’70’s became re-popularized when I was in school. Why is it that the young ones feel it necessary to shit all over the written English language? Apathy of the gen-Xers has transformed into something entirely different for this batch, and I fear where it’s headed for the next one. I am thirty-one fucking years old. I’m too young to be made to feel this un-cool by a bunch of snot-nosed emo whining cutters with no appreciation for literature or the rules of syntax and grammar.

    I can haz ed-joo-mah-CAY-shunz!!Clazz2014w00t!

    Shoot me now. Please. *taps left temple* Right here.

  4. Kids these days? Why do you feel such a need to stereotype an entire generation? I’m 19 years old. I have friends between the ages of 14-22, and trust me, none of them talk (or update Facebook) like this. Instead of this being about age, I think it’s more about background and culture. Low-income areas, like the one I came from, have no money to teach and inforce grammar, syntax, spelling. They don’t have the resources to keep these kids in school indefinately, and most of them don’t want to learn and end up dropping out anyway.

    Also, emo whining cutters can actually end up being some of the most enlightened, intelligent, and well-read people in high school. Again, knock off the stereotypes. I know an emo guy who can carry on an informed and intellectual debate on the various forms of government. Yes, there are a lot of annoying, superficial, ‘I do this for the attention’ types, but generally, people who cut have problems. Whether you consider them problems or not, they are serious to that person, and that’s something that shouldn’t be dismissed.

    One last note: You’re being made to feel uncool by people who can’t make a complete, coherent sentence? Lame. Honestly, these people make me feel great, knowing that I’ll make it farther than them in life. You’re thirty-one years old. Grow up and stop worrying about how cool you are or what the hip thing is now.

  5. I’d like to agree with number 104. Just throwing that out there. (And I never comment on these things, I usually find it to be a waste of time.)

    Maybe you should go back to high school for a day to see what our generation is really like, instead of looking at sites like this, where they only put up the worst of the worst. Honestly, putting up your opinion of all of us off of this one post makes you seem like an ignorant, dumb, thirty one year old. You should consider how well you’re representing your generation before you make comments like this.

    Do you feel that I have shit all over the English language by posting this comment?

  6. @103: So what you’re saying is that you’d feel cool if you shat all over the English language in your Facebook updates? Because that’s a little on the pathetic, please-go-kill-yourself-for-Darwin side, especially for an alleged thirty one year old. I’ll admit that there are morons in my generation, but there are just as many morons in yours and you’re proving to be one of them.

  7. @100-106

    “Coolness” is something that varies and is a completely different notion for each group.

    @103You might be cool amongst your fellow 30yo.
    Why would you even want to be considered cool in the midst of 17yo. This would most likely mean you’re an idiot.

    @104 “Inforce” is not a word. Also “enforce”, is not suitable for what you want to say, man. Grammar is not enforced.

    “Syntax and grammar are enforced to rich kids.” Via vaccination??!

  8. The addition of “sx” to LOL seems to be how she seriously thinks that is how you spell it. LOL… How can you spell 3 letters wrong. This is the exact reason nerds should stay nerds and never mix with the “cool” “gangsta” people… I weep for humanity

  9. *VOMITS*

  10. @41 – Hahaha, you’re brilliant.

    And I was so sure Ladyy was just trying to type with a cat walking on her keyboard, because that is EXACTLY what that looks like.

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