Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. I cherries you too, sweet child

  2. me two

  3. Damn Alysha spelled that status so bad i bet she can’t even read it.

  4. poorly*

  5. I feel sorry for Mercedes, having both uneducated parents and teachers. I can just imagine the lesson, Forrest Gump-style:
    “We’re a gonna be mekking areselves an essay today y’all.
    We gone write aboud whaa educashin ees umpordant.
    and after classs ah’m inviding y’all roun to ma heyyouse fo yer dinner. Momma got the chicken on the table, eat all thu chicken you want – they’s a dying faster than we kin eat ‘em. Dey dun got poorly ahnd we gotta get plum thru dem afore health inspectorate comes a knockin’ on thuh porch.”
    And the name Mercedes? Might as well name her “Beyond help”

  6. tweetatcelebritytypos

    Sometimes I wonder if these are fake or not just because of how horrible they are. Ugh, people.


  7. I wish I had people like this on my friend list, so I could rip all of them new assholes.

  8. If I had a daughter called Mercedes, I’d try to hook her up with a guy called “Audi”.

    Alysha spells “Alisha” (or was it “Alicia”?) with a “y”, because she does so want to be different, poor thang!

    I’m an English teacher, concerned because these don’t bother me as much as they used to.

  9. You’re quite fluent in bumpkin, @Peterpiper

  10. Nothing wrong with the name “Mercedes”–the car brand was named after a girl, not the other way around. That being said, this one is a moron.

  11. As a follow up to this story, I heard the announcer say “coming up next on the main stage, whaddya say fellas, give it up for Mercedes…”.

  12. It seems to me that Alysha may have dyslexia. She would probably need more time to complete her exam so she can go over her work and correct it rather than attend summer school. Sadly I think dyslexics seem to have had second arseholes ripped into them by ignorant morons on the Internet who use them as a vehicle to enhance their superiority complex.

  13. Alysha is spelling phonetically, which is probably more due to laziness and general incompetence than dyslexia.

  14. @dragonfly I’ve met plenty of dyslexic people, and they can spell far better than that. Even if she were, it doesn’t excuse “my phone is tooken away.”

    And speaking from personal experience, people who tear into Facebook friends for spelling and grammar usually know the person is capable of typing properly and are just too lazy to do so.

  15. I dyslexia <3!

    Dyslexics are teople poo.

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