Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a Boy Wants, What a Boy Needs


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  1. i think this is the funniest post ever lmfao

  2. bahahahahah tyson

  3. uncle mike, your snooty entitled response to your nephew’s fb outing is precisely why he never told you to your face. -izzy

  4. Can’t bf mean best friend too? Uncle Mike might have been off the mark completely which is why the friends say he’s not gay.

  5. YUCK. seriously. :S

  6. Word.

  7. If I were Steven I’d reply

    @Mike: Not necessarily, he’s pretty thick.

  8. man, I definitely know these people and saw this on my facebook.
    Not a fake!

  9. Tyson knows what’s up.


  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. I don’t usually comment on these, but this is fuckin hilarious.

  12. My uncle found out I was gay at Mardi Gras when he met my girlfriend who proceeded to stick her tongue down my throat. He as a good sport, though. Ha ha ha!

  13. @me


  14. word

  15. Greatest thing I’ve seen on this site to date.

  16. hilarious!
    I’m mad Rolando had to call him out like that.

  17. Call him out? How can you call out someone that talks about his boyfriend?! The dude confessed all over FB!

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