Thursday, September 23, 2010

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  1. Looks like the last picture is going to be a future Lamebook post.

  2. Someone is getting in trouble for the last picture HA HA HA

  3. I like how bogans can afford a tv for their plasma tv, but not a plasma tv.

    And VB, they can afford VB.

  4. Errr – that would be a tv cabinet.

    I like how I should Lurk more.

  5. @ blitzkreig

    That the thing – bogans can afford anything these days, as long as they can get it for 48 months interest free.

    However, I didn’t think the NAB (New Age Bogan) would stoop to something as “common” as a longneck of VB….they tend to go for the seemingly imported (yet locally produced) stuff, like Corona. Avec lemon wedge.

  6. Don’t forget the baby bonus you get for having a kid… a lot of bogans now have plasma TVs due to the baby bonus! and Two Sheds, you know some posh Bogans, I thought the all drank bundy rum and coke!

  7. @ rockinghorsefly

    Yes, indeed they do! But you can tell the real bogans, they’re the ones that ask for “rum and real thanks, mate!” – as in, Coke from a can/bottle and not pre-mix from the tap. Worse, I worked at a function recently and had to serve a few scotch and cokes – made with JW Blue Label! I shed many a tear that night, let me tell you.

    This is what happens when you have a resources boom; bogans are still bogans, but with extra cash to spend on stupid shit like lime-green V8 utes with personalised number plates, tribal tattoos and Ed Hardy vodka.

  8. Maybe this is an Eastern States bogan sans resource boom income?

  9. what is your sexual colour?
    alordslums got beige.

    you are wank in the sack.

  10. @Two Sheds: you shouldn’t have to suffer through mixing JW Blue with coke! Sacrilege! My favourite are the lime green V-8 utes with bull-bars, huge spot-lights mounted on the roof and rifle racks that have never left suburbia, let alone gone somewhere that you actually REQUIRE those accessories. And the southern cross tattoo. They all have a southern cross tattoo!

    @Blitzkrieg: You mean the bogans even bogans despise?

  11. @alordslums Anything but BEIGE! eww, the ultimate non-colour. I would be white, innocent and naive. 😉

  12. …..I have no idea what any of you just said….

  13. Someone named their kid Dannicide?

  14. While we’re at it, I think I’m Burgundy

  15. If I’m teal, what would that say about my capacities?

  16. …passionate, but classier than red

  17. I am loving the fact that Boguns have made it to LB…

    it is a small world, but i wouldn’t like to paint it!

  18. Not that I want to claim them, but in the last pic the tv remote on the table is a UK Sky Plus remote.
    I’m choosing to believe that they’re aussies living in the UK 🙂

  19. You kids are so lucky with the Facebook quizzes. It’s so much cleaner. I was made to be the quiz taker for my mother’s sexual proclivities. Crayola doesn’t make a box big enough to hold all the colors of dear old mom, but if I had to choose one, I guess I’d go with loose bowels.

  20. Can someone please explain to the dumb American here… what the hell is a bogan?

  21. @cabbitch – a bogan is like a redneck or white trash

    That’s a Foxtel remote on the coffee table, it’s the same as a Sky remote. I’m guessing there is a big-arse plasma on the wall.

  22. Stephen don’t be such a prude, me and my mum talk about sex all the time.

    My Dad makes us.

  23. Okay I admit I had to google bukake too. I did not know there was an actual term for my after school activities. Dang I miss high school….

  24. Nina with the gina, condoms are also birth control. Use some,dangit!

  25. It was too much of a hassle to google Bogan, so thanks for asking someone to do it Cabbage.

  26. I was hoping bukake would be defined by someone already *sigh* now off to google it…

    I wonder if that’s where the name ‘Gina’ came from? =P (no pun intended)

  27. I don’t get the ‘bogans’ comments, i understand what a bogan is…. i think, but how can you tell this from the pic. Because the kid is drinking from a beer bottle? I see pics like this all the time where parents give their kids empty bottles of alcohol and take photos as a little ‘look at my alcoholic kid’ joke, maybe i’ve missed something…..

  28. …So, what is bukake? I looked it up and it just offered me a lot of porn. I’d like to know exactly what goes on without watchng.

  29. My brother used to do exactly the same thing with my dad’s empty beer bottles. There was nothing bogan about it.

  30. @tipdiptease think golden shower, but with milkshake….and lots of it!

  31. Bukake is a type of porn where numerous men ejaculate onto a woman, usually in her mouth.

    You’re welcome.

  32. It’s spelled ‘bukkake’, n00bs.

  33. Welcome to the internets, where snotty, elitist, forum-savvy twits can feel superior because they know the correct spelling of a niche genre of porn where a woman gets plastered in the semen of a group of men. Bravo, msantropez, we’re indebted to you. Enjoy your jizz-caked Asian girl fantasies.

  34. There’s a product called Preparation H that can heal your butthurt. Might wanna look into it.

  35. as in Preparation Hemeroids?

  36. ali_halo, being an aussie i have no idea what a sky plus remote looks like, but the one in that pic actually looks like the new(ish) Foxtel IQ remote to me 🙂

  37. Fresh out the gina = instant classic.

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