Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Failed Research


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  1. Additionally, (and I could be incorrect here, as I freely admit science is not my forte) I believe that men carrying an idiot gene signifies nothing, as we can carry genes without them being active in us. So perhaps more men do carry an “idiot gene”. For instance, Brittany’s father, who may or may not have been an idiot himself, obviously carried one of these alleged “idiot genes” or Brittany wouldn’t have made it onto lamebook.

  2. If it’s a sex-linked gene, males will exhibit that gene, while a female may only be a carrier.

    This is because males have an XY set, while females have an XX.
    So if there was to be an “idiot gene” on the X chromosome, the male would show it more often than the female, because the Y chromosome doesn’t carry much genetic information. A female would have to have both X chromosomes carrying that gene.

    Apart from that, what a dumb bitch.

  3. Emily,

    It could be a gene with additive qualities, which would make females express it more strongly than males. Yeah I think that’s it.

    Or it could be a dominant gene.
    In that case females would also express it more frequently.


  4. No, Brandon, I think Emily’s explanation would be more likely, if the idiot gene (or gean) existed.

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