Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seize the Dictionary

Seize the Dictionary

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  1. carpe dayum

  2. The tattoo itself is stupid enough that the misspelling makes it only marginally dumber. Tip to idiots everywhere: just because you read a bunch of poems about it in sophomore-year English doesn’t make it deep, profound, or awesome.

  3. @duhr
    the poem is absolutely beautiful. just because a bunch of idiots who’ve never read horace have embraced one line, it does not negate the profundity of the poem.

    as a side note, i always thought ‘minimum credula postero’ was a better choice.

  4. He must have a really long torso or something…where the hell is his belly button? Hopefully for his sake, it’s just one of those temporary tattoos!! Can you say FUGLY?!

  5. @crissyissy It appears to be on his lower right ribs, so I’d say it’s just close. (You can see his nipple and armpit at the top.)

    Classy tat. And the backseats of cars are always a good place for a photo shoot.

  6. That hand on his waist looks very manly…

  7. His belly button would be just out of shot, about where the Lamebook logo appears.

    @Moneybegggs – I don’t know what sort of men you’re use to but that is definitely a woman…

    @megthom – YES! I read all of these comments expecting to see someone say something about the fact he’s in the back seat of the car!

    If you consider how far along the seat he is, his bum must be on the edge of the seat with his legs out the door… What was the photographer DOING down there in the first place?? Hmm?>

  8. @ AlyKat, nicely done 😉

  9. The “seize the say” caption keeps bothering me. Hard to say if the both tattoo and caption are intentional, or one of them failed, or did both of them fail.

    Lame post anyway.

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