Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ben Cheatin’


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  1. @Nevil

    How are Australians ignorant exactly?
    I’d like you to be able to back up your insults instead of making ignorant assumptions.

  2. Australians are must less ignorant, back yourself up Nevil, im assuming your American? yea, you yanks are probably the most ignorant nation of all

  3. My Comment Version
    @Tyler I’m from America and I’ll be the first to admit that Americans are the dumbest most ignorant pieces of shit in the world. I should live in Sweden where at least they have good music festivals…

    American Comment Version:
    tyler im in america and i dont like bad things abut our supor awsum cauntry cuz is not nice and astrala is not good

    See the difference?

  4. @Damn Right.
    You’re not the first American to realize how stupid they are. I’m with you. They are the scum of the Earth. I want to go to Canada for college. It’s nice up there. At least the parts I’ve seen. And Sweden sounds like a pretty sweet idea. You’ve got the right idea, what with their music festivals and such. Good luck escaping this bullshit.

  5. Guys…this was about my brother…just to clear things up here…it was Catherine who wrote that and not him or his Gf…This has all been blown out of proportion as some sort of practical joke that all went wrong so don’t go blaming him…just go attack the Bitch that is Catherine for ruining a bloody good releationship

  6. @ Tom – This was clearly not written by Catherine, she wouldn’t put her first and last name out there for everyone to blame her! It is all written from the gf’s perspective. Classic case – he cheated. People do bad things!

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