Friday, October 28, 2011

From the Heart

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  1. Sooooooooo old!

  2. Codename Dutchess

    This seems fake. Also,is Kat a girl? I didnt know it could be possible, but it makes this a lot more akward.

  3. It is in my opinion that this is both fake and gay.

  4. Lamebook, considering your job is to find funny and REAL things on the internet, you are shit.

  5. Pretty sure it’s not their job to find anything, it’s all a matter of what people submit. So it’s the rest of your fellow internetters that are shit.

  6. You’re right, Marfase. However Lamebook do have the final say in what gets put on the website and this should not have made the cut.

  7. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    And Court a boy? Their parents are idiots (if they exist).

  8. Why any more fake than any of the others? Court is Kat’s (Katherine) brother, her ‘girlfriend’ is a female friend of hers.

  9. Codename Dutchess

    buddychrist– I never said this was any more real/fake than other entries but that it seemed glaringly fake to because no one would send a Farmville haybarrel to make amends for sleeping with friend/gf of their sibling and actually think it would atone for their actions.

    And for your explaination, its plausable but I doubt that her brother would use the term “girlfriend” to describe her female friend and then receive the response his sister gave him. Plus, assuming Kat is a lesbian and her brother slept with her girlfriend would actually make this entry funny.

  10. “Girlfriend” is often used in Australia in that sort of sense. Considering some of the things they have on here I’d believe anything 🙂

  11. Since when is Court a guy name?

  12. Court is often a nickname for the fourth. For example, John David Williamson IV might be call Court.

  13. I made a rule with my little brother (I am female) to never ever sleep with my ‘girlfriends’ my female friends. This is a common rule, because you don’t want to be caught between your family and your friends… So I think this post is real. People just need to read it right. Court is a boy’s name…

  14. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Kat’s girlfriend slept with her brother? Worst lesbian ever.

  15. LB has obviously hired new stuff with all the repeats lately.

    This is a repeat, it was on lamebook before (c2009), there was even a lengthy discussion on the ‘Kat’ name. :p

  16. Just take the gift and shut up.

  17. Assuming that ‘girlfriend’ means ‘female friend’ instead of ‘lesbian partner,’ then Kat needs to shut up and deal with the fact that it’s no business of hers whom her brother sleeps with if she’s not romantically involved with them. If, for example, I were 4am’s brother I would blatantly disregard her ‘rule’ and she can deal with the consequences.
    Court, on the other hand, needs to deal with the fact that ‘he’ is apparently named Courtney.

  18. Maybe Kat and Court are both girls. And lesbians, obviously. In that scenario, then yeah, Court might need to come through with a better gift for having slept with her sister’s girlfriend.

  19. ComplicatedAmoeba

    I doubt they’re both girls. Kat refers to Court as “brother.” Lesbians don’t identify as male.

  20. is this real oh and I thought kat was a girl name hey lamebook your meant to find real and funny things that was stupid 

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