Monday, July 2, 2012

Craven Revenge

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  1. I dont feel bloodlust, but I often kill.

  2. I fucked Craven. It was kinky.

  3. This Charming Man

    Wes Craven?

  4. Craven is cravin’ revenge.

    Aww, see what I did there? See it?? Nevermind.

  5. An unfortunate name to give to a child.
    Craven (adjective): Unwilling to fight; lacking even the rudiments of courage; extremely cowardly.

  6. Definitely know how she feels. Definitely wouldn’t post it on FB.

  7. Craven’s last comment is how Sopranos should have ended. So tragic.

  8. Bwa.. That was funny as shit!

  9. T1000 I didn’t know you said anything other than “fake”. WTG. Moving up the evolutionary scale and stuff.

  10. It’s our own Craven Moorhead.

  11. Throwingtofu, I am a mimetic poly alloy. Liquid metal. I do not go through evolution.

  12. Duly noted.

  13. does that qualify as a threat on FB?

  14. that

  15. is

  16. …?

  17. don’t leave us hanging, bitch!

  18. I think this should have been submitted to the police, rather than lamebook.

  19. acab

  20. 1312

  21. It’s kinda the same thing, Idn’t it Franky?

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  23. so

  24. raven

  25. phew. thanks man.

  26. totally worth it

  27. ^Well done.. nice build up.

  28. This is creepy, not lame.

  29. 10 points for creativity.

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