Monday, July 2, 2012

Week Starting Wins


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  1. This is fake.
    Skynet terminated the cheese in the year 1978.

  2. Correct^.

  3. ^ Don’t be a tool, cheese still exists.

    Thought that was kinda funny, myself. the other two? Meh.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … And there is also this thing called conservation of matter.

  5. #2 is bullshit…Max has horrible fucking taste..”the internet” is a horrible movie…It would have made more sense if he said porn…which reminds me, I watched a show about porn addiction with my girl last night and the dudes on there are fucking pathetic douchebags…Who goes to rehab for fucking porn…”hi guys, my name’s Max Brewer, and I’m addicted to titties, well, not titties, just pictures of titties! *insert image of drool running down fuckheads chin*” His sister even laughed and called him an idiot when he brought it up..

  6. I call my cum Parmesan Cheese sometimes…, replace grating cheese with masturbating…now you’ve got a fucking story!

  7. Well, fuck, there ya go Hackin! “Today at olive garden, my “waitress” masturbated all over my plate, and I was in such shock that such a fine looking lass had such a big cock I stared in disbelief until the police showed up!”

  8. The people on here are so fucking unfunny. Not only the posts, but you cap’n. If you really are a 13 year old spina bifida victim like I imagine, then I appologise, but if not, fuck up man. Fuck up.
    How could you possibly think that dribble up there is funny or clever or even amusing?
    You make me actually like MsAnne’s comments and look forward to them now. Do you know how hard that is to accept?

  9. Flashdance, striptease, show girls….

  10. Jon is sounds like a whinging little bitch. So does bradles.

  11. it’s a pattern behavior thingy with bradles.
    if he hasn’t posted for awhile, he can be a right snotty bitch.
    he mellows out after awhile, though. mostly.

  12. Don’t kiss ass bradles, we all know how much you’d love to polish my deck. No sense in denying it…

  13. no sharp edges, remember.

  14. Damn, missed the whole “waitress” thing. Bradles is right, I am no longer funny.

  15. I don’t understand why the dude failed his driving test, or what the hell kind of question that is to ask anyway.

  16. I. must. not. feed. the. trolls.

  17. ^if you don’t, who will?

    it’s getting harder for trolls to survive in the wild, their natural environment is under threat from nasty cunts like me.

  18. What? Where’s the troll?

  19. Maybe I’m missing something. When I was learning to drive nobody ever told me there is something special to do when you’re at a red light, so what was he meant to say? Make sure you have at least 1 hand on the wheel at all times? Make sure the car is in first gear (if manual)?

  20. Just stop.

  21. ^ Too right! Just stop.

  22. What? 🙁

    Oh wait, I’m getting trolled right?

  23. Sneaky turn left if no-one’s coming..

    or sneaky turn right (America and mainland Europe) if no-one’s coming…

  24. Epic fails all around today

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