Friday, June 29, 2012

Sucks for the Ghost

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  1. #46 HEY! Ms. Being different and special is my gig, I mean who else can say their penis is bedazzled and shaped with a lathe!?! I think the lesson here is perhaps maybe we should all be more caring, and practice more compassion for the less educated and poor derelict lonely folk on lamebook. I hear it’s good karma…but it’s not like my opinion really matters, or anything…fuck…I’m just here to exploit peoples shame and misfortune for my own selfish amusement.

  2. Though I miss glorious rants like this, and all the little cunts who beg for attention and a fight with MsAnne, I still refuse to check Lamebook on the weekend (it’s only for a break from work).
    But alas, what a dashingly good time was had without me!

    Tinycroc almost screams of SLG’s writing style. Maybe you’re right, MsAnne, they’re either all the same person making new logins (which I’ve suspected for some time), or they’re eerily so in personalities, it’s like a fucking swarm of lemmings with like-minded thinking.

  3. All jokes aside, I obviously don’t think I’m special, as I obviously don’t have a tumblr.

  4. And now that I think about it, I did read a book on psychology once. It was about a guy named Schadenfreude, who theorized that human centipedal forces tend to turn small groups into a shitty circlejerk.

  5. ^ Your turn for the jerking! Woohoo!!

  6. Only a myspace, right, Noodly?

  7. The only ones looking for attention here are desperate wallflowers seeking approval from what they see as the queen bee by rising to the defense.

    Pro tip: any time you have to throw in a bunch of expletives to explain just how much you don’t care or even just say you don’t care, you really do.

  8. ^ What the fuck are you fucking talking about, you fucking fake fuck?? And, cunt.

  9. I think the one perk of being a ghost in that kids house is probably watching him jerk it. But I see that’s not really what this thread is about. So…

  10. I think Nails is right about the same tragic wanker coming back here, sleuthily changing it’s username, getting obliterated, rinse and repeat…
    Do you notice, also, how they travel in ‘pairs’?
    there is always some dopey, mouthy cunt, that no one has ever heard of and everyone hates immediately, and some dopey ‘yes man’ with the exact same grammar and speech style (no less!) to provide moral support and a fresh box of tissues for the tears.

    If i gave enough of a shit, I’d try and remember some names. all I got off the top of my head is slug and herpes, though, because they were fairly recent.

  11. Dawn of the Dan

    Whoa, I got a shout-out in the comments. Cool.
    You’re alright, noodlydude.

  12. Yea me too Noodlycunt, can we be best friends forever ?

  13. ^fucking A.
    ‘coz you sad fucks can grimly bore each other to death and leave me the fuck out of it.
    I’d call that a fucking lamebook weekday win.

  14. @55 can we play that game where everyone has to jizz on a biscuit? I’ve always wanted to be the biscuit.

    @56 Good to know you were paying attention. You are now tuned. Stay tuned.

    @62 Yes we can Herp, yes we can.

  15. ^you carry your broken heart on your sleeve like a badge of being my bitch.
    a cheap knock-off badge, too.

    “MsAnneThrope embarrassed me forever and all I got was this lousy badge :(“

  16. I’ll be sure to jam the pin under my middle fingernail just to remind me of the fucking pain.

  17. nah, bro. let me do it for you.

  18. No. But if you ask nicely, I’d let you pierce my balls to increase my libido, from early intermittent bursts to a constant ooze.
    I think that’s how acupuncture works, anyways.

  19. acupuncture works with an ice-pick?

  20. God, I absolutely LOVE the days when I come into work and laugh my ass off at these comment threads. Sometimes they suck, but this isn’t one of those days.

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