Friday, November 6, 2009

Bloody Hell, Let the Comments Begin



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  1. Hiijole_Chingada — stop being a bitch. You knew where this was headed when you read the damn caption.

  2. Nicolas Teo Ugly Passport Photo…

    Beautiful Yatch…

  3. Lmfao @ 54! This whole scene is the reason some people shouldn’t breed! Poor poor big sis! Tisk tisk!

  4. Here’s a picture of Ashanti throwing up in her mouth because of the smell of blood and my vaginal plug. It was so natural and beautiful!

  5. “at least someone could have taken the harness/leash off of big sis… as if it’s not bad enough she had to witness that… double the indignity… ouch”

    uhmmm…that kid’s wearing a back brace, probably for scoliosis…
    i had to wear one when i was her age.

  6. mizzjaydaifyanasty

    Wow…Is that the right color for the baby? Kinda Disturbed that she gave birth in a kid pool *yuck*

  7. Giving birth in a kiddy pool:Pricless

    for everything else there’s Mastercard

  8. I just puked.

  9. Words cannot even describe this. But the best part is that when Ray is older and wants to see pictures of himself when he was a baby, this is what he’ll see. And the worst part is that by then he’ll think it’s completely normal.

    What is happening to the human species?

  10. […] It’s this kind of Truman show fame-from-birth attention that makes knobs like Paris Hilton. And if that isn’t enough to convince you why babies should be seen and not uploaded, have a gander at this. […]

  11. I made an account just for this comment, but I do believe that the child’s “harness” is actually for holding an insulin pump. They are usually worn under the clothing.. the pouch on her right side would be where the pump is.

  12. Man. There are a lot of sissies on this site. Ha. Yes. That water is pretty gross and I think the parents are pretty lacking in the whole class department for posting this shit on the internet, but some of you guys seem completely freaked by childbirth in general. Where do you guys think babies come from? A couple of you fools act like you think your parents ordered you from Amazon…well, to be fair a few of you probably were.

    The part that really makes me laugh about this is how they apparently used up all their crazy person creativity on the first child. They go from Ashanti to Ray.

    I also like how in the last picture Ashanti is holding up a lock of her hair and idly inspecting it in the most beautiful display of total and complete boredom in the world.

  13. It’s pretty gross. She could’ve cropped out the bloody water, but it’s normal to want to share a picture of the first time you held your child.

  14. I agree with automaton. It’s bloody water big whoop I mean I know if i ever have kids I’m not going to do that. I personally wouldn’t want to soak in my own blood but it doesn’t look that bad in the pic. You act like its so gross it could be in a horror movie. And at least there are no pics of the baby actually coming out just the before and after.

  15. While this does not repel me, I have to admit that the body language of the people in the photo is rather underwhelming considering the event that has just occurred.

  16. I think I might have a trauma …

  17. lol, epic

  18. Oh good mother of god I am 13 years old. I just witnessed a fat chick in z bikini give birth to a baby, in a pool of blood. If I had a Gun…..

  19. letmetellyouaboutcheeses

    Speaking as a vampire, it just looks like a nice cup of tea.

  20. Haha, #419!

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  22. i can totally see someone wanting to have these pics for their own memories….but i think its a bit tmi for facebook……but that is just my personal opinion

  23. Maybe I’ll do that next time I have a child. But I will post a video for all those kids having kids, it could change their mind about having babies…

  24. I think that’s why One Born Every Minute is on TV.

  25. Oh, Wicca’d Witch, stop the whining… We just *really* don’t want to see a bloodbath.

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