Thursday, January 28, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. Where’s Ben

  2. Damn, you beat me! 2nd.

  3. Never mind, he is tagged in the second photo. See “rapist”

  4. Sadly I did not even look at the photo’s to type that I have been thinking about it for a few posts now. I know, I know, I need to get a life =)

  5. hahaha

  6. Is it just me that doesn’t really get the first three at all? Is number two just the fact that ‘rapist’ is tagged, or am I just being really slow?

  7. *first two.

  8. @ BritishHobo, I think the woman in the background of the first is having a stroke, as is the gentleman in the third apparently, though of a different nature. I also think the second-from-the-right in the second photo is getting her boob groped…

  9. haha, i like the rapist and the dude grabbing his junk

  10. Ehh, lame entry. Come on folks, please submit better crap than this. Entries like these made me take a 3 month hiatus from lamebook, just like Boz and all the other funny ass commenters from months ago.

  11. BritishHobo, in the first one the girl behind Anna is in pain, presumably from getting her foot stood on as per the tag.

    In the second some creepy stranger has wandered into shot, and hence has been (perhaps somewhat unfairly) as a rapist.

  12. The top one also looks like two guys….that are possibly making out perphaps?

  13. Well…….these are lame…..even for lame book.

  14. Oh shit…the rapist…..looks like Dad…fuck. Mom should know about this.

  15. what is the girl in the back right of the 1st pic doing?? she looks like she should have been on the grudge!!

  16. The top one looks like she’s half-way through an exorcism. En nomine patre, espirit tu santi.

  17. isnt it about time that Lamebook realised that they dont need to add entries every 5 minutes if they are rubbish…and these are rubbish.

  18. oh the guy is called a rapist because he’s grabbing that girls breast.

  19. And AlanLaing for the oh so funny post. Wait…bitching about other people’s posts…whining about lamebook but NOT leaving…Ben?

  20. Thats just weird, not lame
    Top one is a double whammy haha…guys making out & foot girl
    Not sure who the rapist is in 2nd photo…the weird old dude or boob grabber guy
    Also what the hell is she holding in the 3rd photo??

  21. and the dude in the 3rd photo is picking his crotch!

  22. @ Snapplebottle, Orly? Where do you see that?

  23. Instead of saying “First!” it should be changed to “Ben!”. I smell a new internet meme starting!

  24. I like Ben and turtles

  25. Who the fuck is Ben and why am I supposed to care so much!?

  26. No Who’s on second. Ben’s on first.

  27. Ben’s still ingrown ass hair as far as I’m concerned.

  28. Clever disguise, Zombiekid.

  29. @daveface–I lol’d @26

  30. I’m not totally convinced the girl in the first photo is having her foot stood on. Perhaps those are just her sexy dance facials?

  31. Yeah….where in the fuck is Boz? And Zombie Kid? And Mr. Haiku? PS The facial expression of the girl in the first picture is absolutely priceless.

  32. Lol at the third one.

  33. I miss Mr. Haiku.

    I know Boz just couldn’t be bothered any more after everyone started to impersonate him.

  34. Defamation, Your Honour? No, no.. “rapist” stands for “RAndom Person In ShoT”, but I can understand the plantiff’s confusion 🙂

  35. lol .. 1st pic ..lesbian in front gays in the back ,and the girl in the middle now figured it out she is in homo party ..!

  36. sigh, annoying.

  37. They’re all a bunch of bag heads!!

  38. The girl who’s foot is getting stamped on has a cracking rack!

  39. anyone else notice that the old man is groping himself ooking at the chick in the 3rd pic?

  40. @envirex

    ummm, that’s the whole point of the 3rd pic.

  41. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    maybe she punched him in the dick and she is doing her victory dance. he on the other hand is tending the wounded

  42. The first one is fucking terrifying. I was like “What’s in the backgrouOHGODFUCK!”

    It should be a “When you see it…”

  43. Yeah, why is that guy in background of #1 all red, like that other guy is eating his face.

  44. insert clever name here

    Seriously. It looks like the girls in the 1st one are standing in a room where people are being attacked by zombies.

  45. “insert clever name here” you made me LOL real hard!!!!!!

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