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  1. My dad just beat my ass..

  2. My parents kicked my ass every time they found out i lied, stole or got into fights. I got my ass whipped if the neighbours complained about something wrong i did. If it was so egregious an act that i did i was whipped right there on the spot by whomever and if my parents were told about it after i was whipped again. If i misbehave in school i got whipped and if my parents found out about that too i got whipped again.

    All in all i turned out to be a decent law abiding, tax paying citizen. I could never quite get over how you Americans are so scared of your kids that if they sneezed too hard you have a heart attack wondering if they’ll call the cops on you. Yall need to start whipping them asses.

  3. thatsitshebawls

    I’m frankly amazed and impressed that they managed to spell ‘liar’ correctly.

  4. Fake.

  5. Same boat for me, Carib, and I carry on the tradition. People here freak when I mention the idea of spanking my kids. I don’t do it every time they wander slightly. I do it when their behavior (or continued behavior) could result in worse consequences. And they seem to be turning out rather well, not like the disrespectful, self-absorbed entitlement generation that everyone else seems to be raising.

    I’ve also been working on teaching them how to fight. They aren’t bullies, but if they are ever bullied, I want them to be able to handle themselves. It’s another thing so many people seem to be afraid of these days.

  6. Don’t let a vocal minority make you think people hate spankings, etc.

  7. Daddy looks like he is spanking mommy in this pic…

  8. The strangest shit happens only in Walmart.

  9. I just got out of an argument on Facebook about spanking. I have 3 kids, 18, 11, and 6. In total there has been about 4 spankings between the 3 of them. And they were good spankings, the ones that weren’t getting it felt it. You know what makes my kids behave? The thought of a spanking.

  10. It’s funny because as far as I know, me and everybody I know (which is a lot of people) turned out fine without having a parent lay a hand on them. I think you all need therapy.

  11. This should always be done. Period.

  12. Mario, that’s a lie. Case closed.

  13. I’ve always said you can tell the difference between kids who have been spanked and kids who haven’t. Spanking is not beating your kids, it’s teaching them that if they cross certain lines of respect and decency and defy the rules (law) beyond what is acceptable, then bad things happen.

    Personally, I’m glad I learned that fact as a six year-old and not as an adult. Also, I find it interesting that people who are anti-spanking seem to think that’s the only form of punishment parents who spank use. I got spanked a handful of times as a kid. The rest of the time, it was time-outs and taking away of privileges.

    As an aside, spanking infants and/toddlers doesn’t work for the exact same reason that spanking dogs doesn’t work: they don’t posses the mental capacity to understand why you’re spanking them.

  14. Parents not spanking their kids is a big part of why we have so many entitled little shits out there.

  15. Druk is right. If your kids know that you will, you don’t have to.

  16. ^ Usually it only takes a couple of times for them to learn.

  17. I was spanked a few times as a child, and I turned out okay (I think). However, I also would have turned out okay without being spanked, because my brother and I were told what the rules were, and we were punished for any major infractions, couched with an explanation as to why. Usually, the punishment was the removal of something we wanted, like time with friends, or telephone privileges, or similar. And those punishments worked just as well as the strap. Cause-and-effect is pretty powerful with kids, so this over-simplification of “spanking is necessary” is not only lazy reasoning, but it’s perpetuating an untruth.

    These days I’m a libertarian, and I wholeheartedly agree with the Non-Aggression Principle. I don’t think that children should be physically disciplined, because it places the child in a position of fear that is validated by the size difference between them and the discipliner.

    Why is physically disciplining your wife against the law? Probably because women are frequently smaller than their husbands, and no one condones a bully that uses his size to attain and maintain a position of power… so don’t condone parental bullying either please.

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