Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother of the Year

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  1. Should’ve used Gumtree.

  2. Fake.

  3. Not fake, but not sure why it’s on lamebook. I live in Oklahoma (no kids to sell yet) and this was on the news a while back.

  4. Great job of blocking the name out lamebook 😉

  5. You do realize that facebook is advertising the sale of that woman’s two kids.
    No censorship on names, state, photo, and price.

  6. Yes, because even though she was caught and arrested for it, I’m sure the kids are still for sale.

  7. Does anyone else think she looks like she could be Patrick Stars sister?

  8. Why the long face?

  9. $4,000. Really? Her kids are probably only worth $200 a piece tops.

  10. This simply cannot be true! I refuse to believe that the woman in that picture has had sex TWICE!!!??

  11. Fuck me she looks 40.

  12. Spay that bitch!

  13. Being a cracked out sex worker ‘ll do that do ya’ Crusty! 🙂

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