Friday, April 26, 2013

Coolest Grandpa Ever

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  1. babyinthecorner

    What a nasty piece of work – he’s a posing fool and when his granddaughter calls him out in a nice way, he is cruel to her – mocking her for working for a living. Wow.

  2. grandpa made my dad, sarah is a litte jealous bitch 😀

  3. Get back in the corner, Baby!

  4. Will Sarah’s mama tell her to knock him out?

  5. watching Metallica at FNB stadium, Johannesburg tomorrow night. Eeekkk!

  6. C’mon people, this whole thing is clearly a manufactured fake. What kind of grandpa would a) Use paintbrush to make a fake tattoo, b) Treat his granddaughter like shit and c) say ‘LMAO’ …?

  7. for some reason I have a feeling this guy and post are real. only because I could totally see my dad doing this now.

  8. I’m not sure if “cow” is supposed to mean “cow” or “penis.”

  9. Fake.

  10. Here’s my guess:

    Grandpa has a shirtless picture in his photo album.
    Cousin Jimmy is over at Grandpa’s house eating cookies and drinking milk.
    Cousin Jimmy asks to use the computer, and sees that Grandpa left his Facebook profile open, and decides to frape Grandpa.
    Sarah teases Grandpa, and cousin Jimmy keeps it up.
    Then Cousin Jimmy waits a day, and submits his genius work to Lamebook.

  11. “Don’t fuck with your Grandpa” Words to live by there. Unless you’re Elsior of course in which case you’ve already fucked your grandpa 5 ways.

  12. @JacKSter: Does it surprise you that grandpa made your dad? Isn’t that kinda what usually happens.

  13. With grandpa’s new look, he’s going to be beating off all the guys!

  14. sleptwithghosts

    laughing my ass offing?

  15. Wankers must have had an early out today.

  16. buuuurn!

  17. wow someone needs to slap Grandpa to get him back to reality

  18. Wait a minute…

    Is that Bob the Pleasure Coach?

  19. Have to agree with Beatus. Someone overhauled Gramps big time.

  20. hwarf

  21. boo

  22. butt pirate

  23. The nice thing is that now you have one less funeral you have to attend, ad one less Christmas card to write.

  24. I think beatus nailed it. Gramps got hi-jacked by a cousin that does not like Sarah!

  25. ^ Took a little time out from sucking beatus’ dick to give us a summary re-cap of his first post. Nice job.

  26. Don’t be jealous, Carib. There’s plenty for everyone.

  27. You’re aces in my book, beatus. I’m sure Elsior would like to get in on some of that action.

  28. fake

  29. Nice shed. Could do with a lick of paint.

    Oh, that’s a house. -bling bling-

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