Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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  1. Lady Gaga forever <3


  3. …because typing STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVEEERRRRRRRRRRR on every post is a fun relaxing way to spend my boring miserable existance

    and uh…

    mmmm cheeeeeeese.


    Mommy, why is there a hole between my butt cheeks?

    oh… That is where your steever comes out.


    oh. I thought it was called poop.

    no. the difference between steever and poop is that Steever goes in first…. and poop is bigger.

  4. i love that donna doesn’t have a profile picture but they’ve blurred it out anyway, nice one lamebook workers!

  5. I love that Donna doesn’t have a picture but she’s telling her daughter she ‘needs to update her FB’ with more pictures.

  6. negativenetwork

    I like how Donna corrects her mother about spelling but uses ‘spelled’ instead of spelt.

  7. I like how negativenetwork thinks that ‘spelt,’ a type of wheat, means ‘spelled.’

  8. Google is your friend gaby….
    Believe me, I hate using it to point out how stupid some people are, when there are way up high on their soapbox, but here goes…

    a simple past tense and past participle of spell .

    I can look up “verb” for you too if you would like…?

    See, ya learn something new everyday

  9. Great, now I made an error too while correcting you, but I bet ya can’t find it…

  10. *they’re

  11. powerstanceyall

    In the States, we use spelled. I believe in the UK they use spelt.
    *~*~*~*~*The More You Know*~*~*~*~*

  12. If you use “spelt” you are a moron. For realz.

  13. iddjit, you actually made several punctuation errors in both of your responses, in addition to your obviously accidental typo of using ‘there’ instead of ‘they.’ Don’t worry, though- I won’t be an immature, self-righteous prick and call you stupid because of them.

    I could look up ‘immature,’ ‘self-righteous’ & ‘prick’ for you, but I’m sure you have a mirror somewhere.

  14. If you use the term “for realz” you are a moron.

  15. lamebook should make a like button for the comments.

  16. I personally would “like” the comment where ciremelf admits his mother wants STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRR in her rectum!!!!

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  18. @ciremelf tone down the hate dawg,where im from that get people shot.

  19. If you’re on Lamebook, you’re a moron
    (I wanted to write “your” so bad)

  20. I changed my mind,i’r rather get fghfghdhjf knocked the fuck out. Damn Lamebook “moderating” comments yet allowing spam. Well fuck your legal funds then Lamebook.

  21. My lamebook experience isn’t complete without a STEEEEEEVEEEER 😛

  22. Somebody help ciremelf, please.

  23. Sitting down while peeing, is good for prostate 🙂

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