Friday, September 2, 2011

Camping is in Tents

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  1. Wallllllllllllllllllllllllltteeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr 😀

  2. Grounded for having protected sex? Wow that mother is a prude b!tch.

  3. Now grounding her for not forming complete sentences, that I could understand. WTF is with all these morons who write descriptive names for things instead of sentences, like ‘The awesome moment when you crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women?’

  4. When i grow up i want to be as internet cool and smart like mad2physicist

  5. mad2physicist get off your obnoxious pedestal. And, really?

  6. Wallllllllllllllllllllllllltteeeeeeeeee………

    Oh wait. The mortifying moment when you realize you still haven’t figured out this whole mysterious code yet

  7. The awkward moment when you try to have sex in a small tent on a large air mattress in the daylight and realise you are anything but inconspicuous.

  8. I can guarantee that the other condom user is in her profile pic.

  9. that awkward moment when you realize you aren’t even funny on the internet, despite having ample time to meticulously prepare your patently unfunny jokes.

    that depressing moment when you return to lamebook following a lengthy hiatus, only to find that everyone still thinks you’re a massive tool with a crap rat tattoo.

    that harrowing moment when you realize you are a dessicated old prune whose only sense of fulfillment in life derives from being an officious trollop in the lamebook comments section.

    that interminable sequence of desperate, embarrassing and lonely moments that constitutes yodawg’s very existence.

  10. I think the gayness plague spread from the other thread. U mad vincent? *hands vincent a bag of cock* accept my apology.

  11. vincent must’ve tears in his eyes while typing that long ass gay speech LOL

  12. The awkward moment when you over commit to a joke.

  13. That awkward moment when you’re watching all the action go down and decide to let out a fart you think is silent while no one’s paying attention to you and it turns out it’s not silent….

  14. That awkward moment when lamebook commentors log in and wish they were…

  15. The pause between that awkward moment when your mum asks why there’s used condoms in the tent and that awkward moment when you decide to tell her you’ll be sure to have unprotected sex next time…

  16. Holy fuck, Daisy sounds like an idiot. Or a spy for Sophie’s mom.

  17. You know that’s not me up there, vincent, but you seized the moment and stuck it to me, anyway. You’re nothing if not an opportunist, I’ll give you that much. So I’m a dessicated old prune, am I? Honeybuns, you’re the sad little fruit, not me.

  18. hey now wordy, baby. where exactly did i mention your name? don’t take things so personally, you paranoid old prune. also, i can’t believe you jumped on yodawg’s homophobic bandwagon, “sad little fruit” – honestly. i expected better from you.

  19. Well how about… you’re a sad little fruit that gives everyone the shits. Better?

  20. Sometimes I feel as though the “Lamebook Comments” section needs it’s own Lamebook.

    Back to the post:
    Sophie’s profile picture looks like a bunch of 12-year-old girls. She’s probably grounded for playing with condoms, not necessarily for their intended use.

  21. @KLynn402 Nah, she’s probably just a skank.

  22. I’d be a bit upset if my daughter offered up my tent as the communal sex tent.

  23. comparethemeerkat

    All your base are belong to us.

    I agree with lamebook comments needing their own lamebook. Can’t we just stick to ten year old memes and stop being whiny wankers?

  24. I hope Vincent’s not gay. I expect better from gays. He’s definitely more the pedo type.

    KL, they look like they could be anywhere from 12 to 26.

  25. This LB fight feels awkward to me. Maybe I should put my clothes on.

  26. Nope, still awkward. Maybe I’ll close the shade too.

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  28. That awkward moment when you realise vincent wants your rat-tatted cock inside him.

  29. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Maybe the mother grounded her for being really really gross and forgetting to throw the condoms out.

  30. Sophie: “I can’t believe I got grounded for having an orgy in the backyard!”

    Sophie’s little brother: “Is that what you’re calling your butt?”

    Sophie: “Shut up! Go clean up the tent and I’ll give you $10.”

    Sophie’s little brother: “Okay!”

    Sophie’s little brother: “Sophie, your balloons suck. They made my lips all sticky.”

    Sophie: “Now that’s an awkward moment.”

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  32. longleg22 go fuck yourself 🙂

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