Monday, October 19, 2009

Tastes Like Feet…



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  1. Perhaps we need a “Where are they now?” Lamebook. I wanna know what the comments after were. Did Ange n Spece apologise profusely or did some other emo kid come along and tell them how disrespectful and insensitive they were being, need more info!

  2. @Ish: I suspect that a bunch of people came along and went “Oh snap” or something.

  3. Come on. Spencer’s comment wasn’t laugh out loud funny but it was humorous. Well it would have been. And for a joke like that you don’t need to spell everything right.

  4. @Ish
    I’m the original Chris and Spencer didn’t say anything after that kinda just played it off. Someone else commented saying “This is brutal to read”. And all the jokes about the plane crash aren’t very cute. But thanks for the effort.


    This is like the 100th post of the same situation, just different people. Stop it! Pick new material.

  6. I use Live Journal in 2009.

  7. @18
    Too funny.

  8. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    “but in sometime they can be hurted becouse the large number of girls they have!!!!!!!”

    Angela just hurted my head, all by herself.

  9. She must’ve really hurted his feelings

  10. too bad they couldn’t LAND that plane

  11. be it unfortunate that angela didn’t check who was being talked about in the comment she raises a question that has already been answered. In the days when humans were living amongst nature the males of our species basically had to have kids with as many females as they could so there were enough offspring to keep the species going whilst this wasn’t something they were aware of it is something programmed into the human conciousness, in other words people are not supposed to be monogamous. Shame she asked the question in the wrong context but it had me laughing.

  12. It’s kind of misleading in a different perspective. I wouldn’t bother to comment too much if i wasn’t TOO close with someone.

  13. evopsych is fail science, “atheismo”.

  14. Sorry to be a downer, but I actually found an article on the Land’s plane crash. Too sad…

  15. lmfao. i have them both on facebook. and i was one of the people who liked the status. >.<

  16. lmfao. i have them both on facebook. and i was one of the people who liked the status. >.<

  17. Wow, the Land memorial thing is real. I searched for drew land plane crash on google and I saw it on a news website. I thought these entries were fake!

  18. @ 67

    Research – the easier way: post no. 64!

  19. <<<.>>>

    Ok, I’ll bite, Sammiie (if that is, in fact, your real name).

    Why, oh why, did you “like” Ryan’s post?

    And while you’re at it, please also tell us WHY on earth you are now “lmfao”?

  20. That bitch had it coming.haha

    Apart from kidding around i think it’s lame enough to post something like that on Facebook.People passing away should be made a post in Facebook?Why?I just don’t get it.

  21. I feel smug for having understood the title (thought it was pretty obvious to be fair… but maybe ‘foot in mouth’ is a more British saying?. I think it just goes to show that you shouldn’t comment on every FB status that you read – if you don’t understand it then leave it the fuck alone.

  22. @Fran
    I couldn’t agree with you more about people always commenting on facebook statuses that they don’t understand.

  23. poor Spencer put a lot of thought into that methinks.

  24. How is she his lover but does not know his sister’s name? That’s kind of pathetic on *his* part, really.

  25. Angela is not his lover, from what I can gather. She never said he was in love with HER, just with several girls at once. She seems to just be a random friend who is personally offended by his apparent playboy nature. She just wanna know!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rolls eyes.

  26. I think I truly am a horrible person.
    Land+PLANE crash= Some laughing on my part.
    It’s ahum, really awful though.

    The second one…I think we’re all thinking the same here.
    Angela, you dumb bitch.

  27. John Players Standard

    I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this exact stupid status. I’ve even seen it a couple times on lamebook. Why repost? lame.

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