Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stand Up Friends

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  1. Jasmin changed her profile pic. Bless.

  2. I take it back. You can if you want.

  3. Hmmm, so she did.

  4. I never go looking at these idiots, Ped. This is all your fault. A spanking is definitely on the cards.

  5. Mark was eating at Nandos…that was the first time he’s ever eaten out a bird.

  6. For all you that missed it……
    Lamebook forgot to blur Jasmin’s full name on this original post so we all looked her up on Facey and her profile pic (which she has now changed) was a little unflattering. So a lot of the comments that resulted have been removed. Then this little hobbit piped up. Those that know Jasmin’s full name were easily able to find him on her friend’s list as he rather stupidly used his full name as his username when commenting.
    Clearly the hobbit submitted this lame-o prank, and now looks a bit of a dick. Not to mention a stalker!

  7. She still looks like a drag queen. You can’t change that with a new profile pic.

  8. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Okey-doke, found Daniel. Which one is Jasmin in her picture? The blond on the right? I’m intrigued now – it’s been a slow day.

  9. Jasmin looks like a duck if she’s is on the right. Or perhaps a drake.

  10. Yeah that’s her.

  11. HAHAHA!!!
    You are all so pathetic! Looking at mine and Jasmins page to see are profile picture!!! So fucking what Jasmin changed her profile picture. LOL. Stalkers much.
    Do you know what i think im going to change mine ?
    O and me a stalker urmmmm i dont think so seeming i have nothing to do with this and your sat there with your sad little lifes stalking me! Oooo dear! Grow up.

  12. P.S I used my own name because im not a coward to say anything and hide behind a fake name 🙂

  13. thats girls face could cut a diamond

  14. Woah. Anyone else wondering how the hell this got posted?! I have a f**ked up sense of humour like the rest of the internet but this just made me uncomfortable especially with the recent suicides in America caused by homophobic bullying :/

  15. @sarcasmo
    You’re really upset at this? Lol maybe I’m just a d!ck, but I thought this was pretty damn funny. You’ve got some serious issues if you wanna kill yourself because ya got stood up.

  16. I’ve really enjoyed this site, and have never felt the need to comment, just to share and enjoy.

    I find this post as funny as dead baby.

    I put up with the homophobic and anti-religious and class-war shite that I assume is particular to America, it’s extremely shocking that you lot are so behind.

    This is vile, it’s not a rebuke, it’s not funny and rightly so, here in the UK it would probably get a criminal prosecution.

    So, in trying to understand you all and glossing over the transatlantic shit that doesn’t travel but linking to the site and reading regularly, I see you’re too nasty to be humurous.

    I joined to literally say goodbye to many years of fun. This site has really pushed boundaries lately. I just now have to figure out how to unjoin.

  17. Scuttlebutt… do you even understand what you’ve written above? Cos I’ve read it like 10 times and I still don’t.

    Shame you’ll never get to read this, assuming you’ve ‘unjoined’.

    ‘…anti-religious… shite that’s particular to America’??

    Americans love a bit of religion… are you just another misunderstood Mormon or Scientologist? Is the World against you?

    Isn’t pushing boundaries good?

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