Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful Bios

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  1. Lexi needs her freaking Meds.

  2. Am I really missing something here? I don’t get what’s up with the last one…

  3. She was all casual about everything when suddenly, BLAMMO! She will curb stomp yo’ ass if you fuck with her family. Blessed be.

  4. I like Lexi. I want to hang with her. HA HA HA

  5. “I’m babtised”. A Streisand fan?

  6. Finally, another person who is in the ‘real talk’ political party!

  7. Blessed be…or thou shall be curb stomped.


  9. P.S. I’m ‘christin’ LOL

  10. As far as Lexi goes, ‘mental disorders’? Nawwww, not YOU! Really???

  11. One more thing: what is the difference between a “black belt bitch” and a “real black belt”? I’m confused.

  12. It’s the mental disorders talking…maybe she forgot to take her meds before she wrote this? Or else they wore off part way through?

  13. Blessed Be. Lexi forgot to mention she’s Wiccan, too.

  14. Yay let’s make fun of people with mental health problems. yay!

  15. @heisenberg Babsmatized??

  16. I never read the comments anymore so I’m not sure if this has been brought up yet, but I’m getting REALLY tired of all the posts about really angry trash that have no grasp of grammar and spelling.
    It was funny in the beginning for sure, but now it’s like EVERY POST IS THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It’s just gotten old.

  17. You think Lexi’s entry is a little off, you should see the ones for her other personalities.

  18. That Lexi bitch is not to be fucked with. People call me nuts and I’m afraid of her.

  19. I love these women who post this shit, “I’m a bitch”, “don’t fuck wit me”, etc, etc.
    I wish they would realize how stupid they sound.

  20. Maybe all these bios on Lamebook that are exactly alike can serve as a public service announcement that if you are a self-admitted proud bitch, you are not unique so shut up.
    On the other hand, they could all find each other and form the proud to be a bitch army.

  21. to naozaj nikoho prekvapiť, že tam sú arogancia-naplnený idioti celej facebook? vec bola prakticky vymyslel pre ich druh. (O tom premýšľať … sociálnych sietí, dvadsať štyri hodín televíznych relácií o úbohý život ľudí, webkamery, že stream z vašich hands-free telefón slúchadlá … tie by ich mohli použiť, ak ste normálny, ale oni obstarávať malé skupina self-cene, hrdý blázni.)

  22. “im straight i dnt lik gay guys cuz they take it up the butt”

    I gotta say, every part of that sentence is just hilarious. The wording, the timing, the spelling, the fact that he’s from Kentucky and is “babtised”… it’s all so brilliant!

  23. Holy fucking shit. Anybody else see the, uh… ALLODS Online advert? That’s wrong. That’s fucking wrong. What is that? Ugh. Gibberlings? Fuck you, ALLODS, I’m not playing your twisted fucking MMORPG.

  24. a punk/country/military women? She must be really busy…

  25. mytwocentsorwhatever

    How does one get to be a cristin Tanya? Is that new religious sect I am unaware of? How does one get to “roll N roll that way”

  26. punk/country/military …..she DID say she had several mental disorders..I’m sure those are just her alternate personalities from her multiple personality syndrome…I wonder what are Lexi’s other disorders.

  27. Christ on a cracker

    Yeah… blessed be, you psycho retarded bitch!

  28. Lexi’s entry needs to be part of an article in some medical journal about multiple personality disorders as displayed on the internet. I count 3 at least.

  29. Dude,Christ on a cracker! Shes fucking Bi Polar. What did you expect?

  30. Gogloplex, I completely agree and wrote that on a different entry. These aren’t funny anymore, just really upsetting. It’s the same over and over again.

  31. Tanya is fake angry, it is obvious she wants to think of herself as a bitch because of a past sexual encounter that has lowered her self esteem.

    My powers of deduction, learned through seventeen years on the police force, lead me to believe somebody may have jizzed either in her hair or up her nose.

  32. Throwing Tofu:

    Black Belt Bitch = Being good at being a bitch. Having a high skill level in bitchiness. Thinking she is ‘street’ and ‘ghetto’ but wouldn’t survive a day in that enviroment. Wears oufits that people mistake for just being black belts instead of proper items of clothing.

    Actual Black Belt = Being able to hurt people physically with skill. Comes with an actual black belt.

  33. krasivaya_devushka

    Hahaha the bios are always the funniest!

  34. Shit, Lexi sounds like me.

  35. i’ll never admit that im a retard…oh wait.

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