Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zane, FTW!


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  1. Haha well done Zane.

  2. FO’ REAL.

  3. I want to be friends with Zane.

    Even though his name is Zane.

  4. What’s getting really lame on lamebook is the titles.

  5. I’m a ratcoon, my grammar isn’t that good. Don’t I get points just for being able to type at all?

  6. Candy Blackmail

    It’s a Freudian wet dream waiting to unfold…

  7. Hmmm… were they shopping FOR a party, or was the shopping trip a party, in and of itself? Pondering these mysteries is what keeps me awake most nights…

  8. Getting an Oedipus complex, Zane?


  9. Oops, meant Billy. FAIL lol

  10. Billy Amelia Zane. I loved you in Titanic.

  11. But if you put the two together you get “Billy Zane” and that guy is pretty bad ass.

  12. O.K., I give up trying to figure it out. Could someone please tell me what FTW stands for?

  13. Arlene, FTW means From The Wiener.

  14. Really? It occurred to me to Google it, and supposedly it stands for “For the Win,” and formerly, “F*** the World.” So on Lamebook it’s different?

  15. Larry’s messing with you, Arlene. It stands for “for the win,” as you saw on google.

  16. Oedipus complex FTW tbh

  17. Thank you, Aaron.

  18. @P I fear we made the same grim connection…

  19. bahaha zane, Billy youve just got OWNED!!

  20. You guys forgot to scramble Zane’s photo. D’oh!

  21. BoZ HasN’t WrItTeN on Dis 1 YeT!!

  22. This is very Ince’esting!!!

  23. Normal (*rare!*)

    @samsonite apparently he has…

  24. Both these guys are funny! Not really lamebook, more like awesomefunnyguysservingupwittingonelinersbook

  25. If he got to ride in the shopping cart, he must’ve had the party of his life! 😉

  26. lol Billy Zane….

  27. i must agree with jonas oedipus ftw

  28. Grown man calling her “mommy”? Nah.

  29. .. “Billy Zane” anyone else notice?

  30. This is sick. Zane is the lame one here. While the status was a little strange coming from a guy, Zane did cross the line

  31. Pssht it was funny.

    You just don’t actually picture what the comments imply, and acknowledge the zinger.

  32. Zane is hilarious 😀

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