Thursday, August 6, 2009

You Really Wonder How He Could Cheat On You?


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  1. Not sure why this post is making fun of her..i spose saying “yo” is kinda lame. That’s all I can think of.

  2. I’m mostly in agreement with your assertions, but I would counter that there are a few instances in which it is in fact RIGHT to cheat:

    1)If they’ve cheated on you first, in which case you should also videotape it and not use a condom.

    2)If a stripper or celebrity propositions you, ugly or not.

    3)If a midget propositions you, ugly or not. Sorry, “little person”.

    4)If you’re in a different zip code.

    5)If you’re horny.

    6)If your woman didn’t make you breakfast that morning. Also videotape in this instance to drive the point home.

    7)On the Sabbath.

    Otherwise, cheating is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

  3. Isn’t the problem that she only sees him in SUMMER?

  4. So what if they only see each other during the summer? That still doesn’t give him a reason/right to cheat.

  5. oh fuck off with that shit, the morality in here is depressing. anyone stupid enough to have a long distance relationship deserves to have their heart broken and their cereal pissed in at every opportunity.

  6. somewhereunderthesun

    ahaha I am pretty sure the guy could not say ”it’s not about you babe, it’s me, I am sorry”.. Because obviously it is all about the girl.. good job mate.

  7. 30 and over 30 women rule! Good one Justin !

  8. Pft, he’s still an ass. I hate how so many people are justifying cheating just because he is far away. I’m in a distance relationship now and it is hard sometimes, but I have enough control of myself and love/respect for him to not cheat! If I wanted someone else that bad I would have the decency to break up with my SO first.

  9. People like this are the reason why I left Naples, FL.

  10. Don’t get this. Nothing wrong with her profile details. She seems a little excited, if anything. And anyone thinks that that qualifies her for being douchebag, then they are probably kidding themselves as noone here can claim not to have an excited/effervescent friend.

  11. @ Last Night — You dont see it? Her boyfriend is in Oklahoma. She only sees him during the summer. now read the title of the post again.

  12. Lol @ first few people who completely missed the fecking point!

    She says herself she NEVER sees her bf, then bitches about him cheating on her like they’ve had a flawless relationship for three years. Three years of pledged celebacy for just talking on the phone would probably drive most lads that way. Best thing all round.

  13. Geographical issues or not, cheating is wrong. Dump the other person first.

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