Monday, March 21, 2011

Stoned to the Bone

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  1. cumdumpster2011

    Why are stupid people like this even allowed access to facebook……oh and FIRST !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Why are stupid people like this even allowed access to animals, or even other human beings? The universe is a mystery.

  3. Help! My cat ate my crack rocks! Now it is racing around like a madman.

  4. i knew somebody who smoked a lot of weed and happened to have a toy poodle. it ate weed all the time. lived to be 18.

  5. Where the holy fuck has everyone gone? You all lurking out there like some creepy uncle spying on his nubile niece? Fuckers.

  6. I’m back!! Did you miss me? What’s been going on around here?

  7. To put it bluntly, fuck all. Usual shitty puns and recycled jokes. Hobo is back though so not all bad.

  8. Don’t forget fat arms that look like naked women! Yes I noticed the Hobo. Maybe things are looking up.

  9. I had to fit a new bag, but am back and I haven’t missed much I see.

  10. I’ve always wondered that if you eat a pot brownie, do you still get the munchies? I mean, you are kind of killing two birds, right?

    Ahem,PA, what am I? Chopped liver?

    I missed you, curly. What is your pic? I can’t tell.

    Guys, sadly, the days of 40+ comments on every post are long gone, and it’s been this way for quite some time now. I know mostly everyone is still out there “lurking”, but for one reason or another they’re not commenting, or at best, only commenting sporadically. I’m not sure what can entice them back onto these barren boards, but if anyone has any bright ideas…

  11. Pot heads don’t kill birds, word 😉

  12. the political correctness is getting to me and I don’t need any of those fucktarded teaparty voters telling me that my comments consist of rudeness and bullshit. Because a) I know and b) Isn’t that the whole point?

  13. Maybe not, mass, but I’m sure they kill something.

  14. Apologies word Just the odd few who were ‘regulars’ have either fucked off or have took a backward step.

    An idea to get them back would be an invite to play naked Twister. Or the mother of all meltdowns from Soup or any other such esteemed contributor.

  15. Well the cost of my medications has gone up and I’m still on the same shitty pension so something had to give so I told my next door neighbour Barb that I wasn’t going to pay half of her Internet bill anymore so the old cranky hag cut me off immediately and so I can only comment if I walk my athritis knees up to the library in the bloody rain. What are your fucking excuses, dirtbags?

  16. Are you going to let me comment yet lamebook?

  17. Finally!

    Missed you too word.

    The pic was in celebration of Paddy’s Day. My cousin and I drinking shots and wearing silly stuff last year.

  18. I live in a world held up by a giant turtle, the turtle sneezed and everything went black for a while so I couldn’t comment

  19. Something something law enforcement something powers of arrest, and so on

  20. Naked Twister, PA? Nice idea, but you know how it goes around here. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. And you’ll have to hope for someone else to have a meltdown. Our Soup is of the very cool variety. I have a feeling that even when exposed to a naked flame for hours on end, he’d barely raise a simmer.

    I am so going to use Walt’s excuse – for something, somewhere, some time. That is awesome.

    You must be using completely random words that the Lamebook word police don’t like, curly. They’ve gotten so uptight. And I hate these avatars. I can’t see jack shit in them most of the time.

  21. My sister has been trying to get rid of her poodle. It got to some chocolate on the floor and she thought that was her solution, but she was disappointed when he didn’t die. True story. Maybe poodles are the only dogs that can eat chocolate?

  22. (For the record, she’s not actively trying to kill her poodle, just find him another home, and she does treat him well otherwise.)

  23. Hmm yeah I don’t know what was going on earlier. The comments weren’t awaiting moderation they just weren’t appearing!

  24. It’s not possible to die from too much pot. If anything then maybe smoke inhalation. But eating it, definitely not.

    The more you know.

  25. Also, I was going to say something to the effect of “scoff, if you want to interact somewhere that gets lot of comments then go to Reddit or join a forum”… but then I realized I’m just sad that I don’t comment enough on here for you guys to miss me. :'(

  26. I would have commented more, but this Royal Wedding shit is just so damn exciting that we’re all just fucking sitting here waiting for it to happen, noting down every piece of fucking clothing that Kate Middleton puts on, and then going out and buying an exact copy because we have nothing better to do with our shit British lives. Oh dear god I can’t wait for the wedding of someone I haven’t met, never will meet, and have absolutely no connection to in any way except for the fact that I was born in the country that their family represents, with represents here meaning ‘live off shit-loads of money on our behalf for doing absolutely sweet fuck-all’. Fuck yeah.

    I’m sorry, what was the question again?

  27. Imagine, they’re making (trying to make?) kind of a biggie of it here too, coz you know, technically, she’s our queen too.
    I feel British to my core

  28. Hail Hobo. I totally agree with that. They live off YOUR money but call you the commoner

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