Monday, March 21, 2011

The Not So Fresh Prince

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  1. Was not as flowing as some Fresh Prince status updates

  2. This was shite.

  3. sprucay…your comment is the best thing about this post. LOL!!

  4. Ah, memes. Because nothing is more hilarious than mindless unoriginality.

    The cake is a lie! Giggle.

  5. Bahahaha this is funny as

  6. He totally skipped over the line “…and all shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school.”
    That’s where he lost my respect. And the fart jokes did nothing to win it back.

  7. I saw ‘now this is a story all about how…’ and didn’t bother reading the rest. These posts bore meeeee.

  8. Joey:- You are a cock. End of.

  9. Charlie, snap. Can’t be bothered reading shit like this.

  10. ditto curly

  11. Last name is obviously Holmes then. Well done Lamebook.

  12. you’re a moron, elizabeth.

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