Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obvious Overshares

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  1. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Steven is an idiot.

  2. Sucks to be Max.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha I love Max’s status…
    I wonder if that worked out for him?? lmao

  4. I wonder if Michelle will be hanging out again sometime soon

  5. Vanessa, the answer is not very.

  6. poor poor max

  7. What youtubeclip am I linking to? I’ve forgot, and now it says it can’t be viewed in my country anymore.

    Max and Steven rules this one, Ridge is a little fuck. The others where nothing at all.

  8. were*
    as I know people here are picky with spelling

  9. Ridge is hilarious.

  10. I'm Canadian Also

    What was Steven’s roommate doing in his room?

  11. I feel bad for Michelle

  12. Ridge needs to put on a pair of rubber gloves, grab the toilet bowl cleaner and scrub his own shit stains away. Jesus, as if you need help with that.

  13. *Forgot* to wear a condom? Really?

  14. And Ridge has apparently never heard of a toilet brush?

  15. Well, if Ridge hasn’t been introduced to a toilet brush by now, then maybe his mother deserves to come home to a nasty toilet.

  16. Ridge must have one hard-ass for a mother.
    “What? You pooped in a toilet?? You’re grounded.”

  17. Vanessa, I’m soooo happy all your good goods are in sinc! You should all hug and jump up and down.

    Ridge, seriously? How the hell did they get there in the first place? Never mind, shouldn’t even have thought it.

    Stephen, congratulations for making a name for yourself as a window masturbator, bet your real popular with the ladies.

  18. I want to know what Stephan was doing in there that was worse than wacking off for the neighbors.

  19. Michelle: Hang in there hun, it happens.

    Vanessa: Not that funny or noteworthy actually. You see, when ladies hang out and spend alot of time together, their menstrual cycles will sync up. Nevermind, you know what, forget I said that. You three are obviously very special. Carry on.

    Max: next time tie a string around your thing so you won’t forget.

    Ridge: I agree with @blablah it is sad that your mother hasn’t seen fit to give you even rudimentary bathroom survival skills.

    Steven: buy some new blinds dude, none of your neighbors are impressed with the nightly wankfest or they wouldn’t have reported it to the police.

  20. gutted. why do people think the whole world needs to know this information? actually scratch that, I’m glad they think that as it brings me enjoyment.

  21. @yaya: I love that word “wankfest” I must use it in a sentence today. (spoken, not typed)

  22. lol

    Steven just made my night.

    Not lame at all, incredibly funny.

  23. i have to say steven is awesome :L:L

  24. @ Shiyu LOL, ridge’s mom must be one scary, scary lady. ‘QUICK!’ lol lol lol
    @ yaya lmao to the string tied around max’s thing.
    Aaah as always i love the comments more than the posts themselves 😀

  25. Oh come on… Who “forgets” to wear a condom.

  26. When his child is born, I bet he “forgets” to pay child support too.

  27. Grashnak…parents.

  28. @Grashnak certainly not guys who then spend the next day all worried about it. Guys who are concerned with birth control don’t “forget” and guys who are not concerned don’t suddenly get concerned the day after.

  29. all v. stupid updates.

    Ridge’s account must have been hacked, its hard to believe that people are naturally such imbiciles!

  30. What do Americans call skid marks? And are they really skid marks if they’re not in your pants, but in a toilet? I thought we’d agree to call those “tiger stripes”?

  31. @danieltunnard: I can’t stop laughing, tiger stripes. Thanks for that one.

  32. I think Vanessa’s period’s made her go mental.

    I mean, I’m no woman… nor an expert in the anatomy of the human body. But I’m pretty sure that’s what happens.

  33. Max and Steven are frodo.

  34. i had a chick barf on me and i went out with her again. it was because she barfed while I had my dick buried balls deep in her throat and nutted. not gonna marry her or anything, but i did her again the next weekend. she kept it down the 2nd time around.

  35. @haggie, that was me…

  36. People like Ridge need to read the book ‘Survivor’ by Chuck Palahniuk. He would know how to remove tiger stripes then, or many other smudges, stains, marks, spots, smears, etc. for that matter.

    See, another thing that reading is good for, learning how to clean.

  37. How the hell do you “forget” to wear a condom? That fool is retarded. Idk what he’s “stressed” for.

    What was Steven’s roommate doing in his room? lol

    Ridge, it’s not even that serious. Get a toilet bowl brush and clean it dipshiit!

  38. Hey Max, chill out, it would only be a problem if you’d actually had sex.

  39. @Ijustsawfly- it contains UMG and is no longer available in my country either, whatever UMG is. And now……I really wanna see that freaking clip. Thanks. lol

  40. whole lotta Fail

  41. OMG the skidders one is hilarious, when I read the first few words I thought he was gonna say boxers, but the toilet?!

  42. Stupid Lamebook Comments

    Ridge FTW

  43. If Ridge’s mom is such a hardass that he’s gonna get in trouble for leaving streaks in the toilet, then what’s gonna happen when she gets the water bill and it’s suddenly $250 for a single month?

    He’s gonna have to start using the back yard to make up for it.

  44. @Ijustsawfly

    UMG is Universal Music Group. I’m assuming your youtube link was a music video from some group? Or maybe the song from some group with a lip syncing type thing over top of it?

    Does that ring enough bells to know who/what it was?

    I’m not sure which country would still allow content that Universal Music Group doesn’t want to give away for free, but that seems odd to even say “not available in your country” instead of just “not available”.

  45. @Ijustsawfly

    LYTZ – 3 Days Awake

    You’re welcome.

  46. @mcowles, thanks, but how did you find that out pls?

    FYI: It happens a lot to me that YouTube videos are “not available in my country”, while they still are viewable in the US or the UK (for example). I usually resort to Dailymotion if I happen to know the title of the song or the name of the artist/band.

  47. Steven was obviously doing drugs.

    Did Max have sex or does he just usually wear a condom under his pants?

  48. @eve and Ijustsawfly

    If you google the entire link, it’ll show up on various forums and various places on the internet (where people post links without them being masked… like it is here).

    So I just googled the link and found a facebook fan page for this particular song, with the link on it. There are also various forums that mention the artist/title… one even said LYTZ – 3 Days Awake : and then had the link there.

    It will work for almost every youtube video that has gotten more than a few thousand hits.


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