Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Write Stuff

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  1. @ amphigory – did you get a “P” in English????

    Some students are on individual education plans which require a p/f rather than a letter grade. These are special ed students who only need to show some improvement to advance……

  2. I got an S for Satisfactory in my righting class.
    Jessica, is history chanel a new perfume? Or are you too cutes to wear that? I bet you like to drink rape juice..it tastes like blood, sweat, tears, and every time you swallow, you scream a little. Nick’s arch will surely help, he simply needs to sit atop it, grab a paddle, and start rowing. He can row right into Lisamarie’s freshly scrubbed hole for safety from the flood.

  3. I would hope Lisamarie’s scrubbed hole has flooding problems of its own, otherwise, poor Lisamarie.

  4. Swiss cheese, anyone? I’m making an Arch de Triumph sandwich.

  5. This brings up an excellent point. In French, ‘arch’ IS ‘arc,’ as in l’Arc de Triomphe. But in English they are not synonymous. Although I imagine they are etymologically related.

  6. Thank you for the lesson, prof. (no sarcasm) I just made a bad pun…joke..thing. Ugh, brain’s not on the ball today. The hamster stopped running. 🙁

  7. Wait, you mean there’s no such thing as a l’Arc de Triomphe sandwich? I assumed you were just switching between English and French to describe an actual thing.
    Also why would Swiss cheese be involved? Shouldn’t it be a nice French cheese?

  8. Hahaha, the Swiss cheese was in reference to the scrubbed hole. 😉 and the Arch was in reference to the flooding post.

    I’m sorry for my fail at spelling that right. Dam Frenchies and their cool looking words..

  9. Damn* I’ve done it again..I have dishonored my Lame Book family. *stabs self with Katana*

  10. How fucking hard is it to spell check? How fucking hard is it? (That’s what she said)

  11. Was that towards me, Hawkbit? I DO spell check everything, and I don’t need to usually. I had recently woken up and was not 100% on the ball as I said ^

  12. Is this because you were 100% on a pair of balls?

  13. Yes. I’m short enough to crawl on a pair.

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