Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Party Time?

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  1. Drinking leads to duckbilling.

  2. So Maddy is getting her sister drunk? I guess that’s what happens when your parents leave you in a Portuguese villa without adult supervision…you lose all sense of right and wrong.

  3. DukeGuy, I’m appalled and in awe in equal measure

  4. reproachfulrabbit

    I think they should give all high school girls a 5 year birth control shot.

  5. I don’t know what’s so wrong with Maddy’s post. Me and my 10 year old sister go to bars together all the time. Sometimes I bring my six year old brother too.

    …Too far?

  6. There’s a Marley, Charlee and Harley. Karly is feeling left out.

  7. @anorexicpanda – I think that you’ve a long way to go to get anywhere near too far after what I posted 😀

  8. When the baby wakes up, they can party, too. Heck. Why not.

  9. Marley is gonna thank her… I STILL thank my forefathers….

  10. I’ll go further.

    Where’s the lesbian incest underaged video of what happened while both were drunk?

    On a serious note, getting a 10 years old drunk is terribly dangerous. It could kill her.

  11. Why didn’t _I_ have an older sister like that?

  12. Somebody call CPS.

  13. Ok #1 What in gods name is the guy diong pissing all overhimself twice lol

    #2 I figure it’s beer, but honestly WTH are they drinking?

    #3 Seriously…. the pranks kinda funny in a familly sorta situation(if its not too abused), but do NOT brag about that on facebook you’l just get busted!

  14. Haha wins all round! The best pissing story I’ve heard is opening the top drawer and pissing over someone else’s clothes. Ah wait, maybe the standing at the top of the stairs and pissing over the bannister? I can’t decide. And oh DukeGuy …. you didn’t!!:-O

  15. I think the real question for Laura is … why is she keeping important stuff on her floor?

  16. My wife and I rented a room in a house run by a middle-aged woman several years ago. Another grad student out there rented a separate room. One night, he drunkenly walked into the landlady’s room, stood next to her bed, and started pissing (not on the bed, apparently). When she objected, he assured her it was alright.
    She tossed him out.

  17. i hope someone told maddy’s parents. seriously, i do. that’s disgusting.

  18. Everyone on her status seemed pretty outraged, so I assume at least one of them has told Maddy’s parents or reported her to somebody.

    That plus it’s posted on Facebook and Maddy doesn’t appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, so he parents probably saw it already.

  19. I like how Steven assumes Maddy is yelling at him. She didn’t even use CAPS LOCK, how can he tell she’s yelling?

  20. So how would one get an 11-year-old drunk? Beer – they’re going to know it is beer. Anything stronger – they’re going to taste the alcohol and think it is disgusting. Flavoured malt beverage – pass it off as soda? Hm…

  21. Jesus juice?

  22. Mad, who said the 11 year old didn’t want the alcohol? I don’t get the feeling this was a clandestine operation; I think older sis thought it would be funny and the 11 year old went along with it. I agree with #10 though, that could have ended poorly.

    As for the picture, at least the little one’s brother or sister will have photographic record of the events leading to thier conception. Oh, and the one in black looks pretty cute – milf?

  23. i’m pretty sure that if it’s 11am and she’s already getting her sister drunk this must mean that they’re at communion.. drinking the rape juice.

  24. I’ve been getting tanked since 10 years old, ’nuff said.

  25. I’m pretty sure the girls in #2 are drinking Coke Zero and just want it to look like beer

  26. I just realized there’s a BABY SLEEPING there. Their parents should have a very serious conversation with both.

  27. Coke Zero??? Pretty sure they are drinking Jack Daniels and cola.

  28. lol vaba

  29. My dad got me drunk when I was 4, at a frat party no less. Builds character.

    Not sure if that’s a baby or a baby doll in that play pen. I’m really hoping for the latter. Either way, they’re dumb bitches.

  30. My boyfriend once woke up and started pissing on the bed (luckily down by my feet). I stopped him and told him to go to the bathroom. He stopped and left the room. I assumed he had gone to the bathroom but was too busy changing the bed sheets to notice where he had gone. Apparently he just went out the living room and finished pissing on anoher guy who was spending the night. This was after a party so he was drunk sleepwalking I guess? He doesn’t remember the incident.

  31. Jailbait chicks dancing with beer. I’ve always felt like I missed out on something big in high school, now I know what it is

  32. I don’t understand the girls dancing one. Where’s the funny?

  33. @hp – LOL, again!

  34. When I have a child, I’m calling up these too lovely ladies.
    Maddy, you’re right, it’s not all that bad. Once, my brother thought it would be ok to give our dog some 5% beer. I was about 10 or 11, and didn’t know any better. I just laughed when she made funny faces and wanted to sleep. True story.
    Laura..um..get him some adult Depends. then leave him. He’s obviously taking the piss out of you to do something. You’re not taking the bait.

  35. @Polsvoice

    One of them is 10 and they are supposed to guard a little baby. Question is, what is NOT wrong…

  36. two** Did I really just make a too, to, or two mistake? My Grammar is balls tonight. Yes, I am a Grammar Nazi to myself.

  37. vabadus is Wallace. Just sayin’

  38. Only in this round!

  39. Here little sis; have a hangover and sex with the family you regret

  40. One of them is ten? I can’t even see their faces, and they’ve both got quite enough breasts to be older than ten.

  41. Before I saw the post underneath, I thought the picture itself was lame enough.

    And I had breasts when I was 10. Lots of girls do, especially nowadays, thanks to steroid-filled foods.

  42. #1 .. I’d be taking him to the vet and having him put down 😉

    #2 is drinking Jack Daniels premix cans. An aussie favourite amongst the younger generation. (hence the stubbie holder!)

    #3 should be shot.

  43. I see what you did there

  44. Actually, I think 2 and 3 may be the same thing.

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