Monday, October 19, 2009

Really Sweet for the Rest of Us


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  1. I dont know who posted this on here, but its messed up. I know she posted shit on my page for everyone to see…so i guess im not suprised some people copied and pasted it. But there is some pretty bad shit in here. She was wrong for posting shit on my page, but shes not stupid or the mean shit you all said.

  2. FAIL!^

  3. Lmaoo… you go girl! haha

  4. something tells me that:
    “gave me his password” = “hacked his account”

  5. Or he’s a dumb mother fucker for cheating on her.

    Lamebook is full of rampant misogyny. Probably because half of the commenters sent in these, and therefore, know nothing but terrible people.

    Get off the fucking computer, and respect your fellow genders. Both man AND woman.

  6. This looks fake. Is there some sort of setting that has status updates appear first update first and last last? Usually the most recent update appears first.

  7. @OniNeko – they might’ve just reordered the posts for readability.

  8. I applaud this girl. She degraded this Asshole without swearing or losing her temper. Cheers to you

  9. The thing is, despite he may be hated by that girl’s friends, he’s now just earned so much respect from all his guy friends.

  10. @59 if that’s the kind of thing that gets your friends to respect YOU, I’m sooooo glad I don’t know any of them.

  11. @59 You are a total douche. You should only die.

  12. @59 Then his friends are a bunch of idiots. Whether you are a guy or girl, cheating is not cool. I agree with @61 you are a douche for posting that.

  13. @62. Not really. I think he’s right.
    But then again, I’m a total douche, so what do I know.
    @61, dying is too good for him. I say we hang him upside down by his toenails with fishhooks. =D
    @59: ~<3 good luck with those toes of yours! n_n

  14. I wonder if Mike is code name for Tiger? You think she took to him with a golf club?

  15. @ 58 – Agreed.

  16. hahaha holy shit! mike torsiello from ucf!!! was cheating on her w like 2 other girls!!! was my budds roommate!

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