Monday, October 19, 2009

Pregger Posts



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  1. @Proud Mommy

    We don’t hate pregnant women or mothers it’s just that some of them can go overboard with the stuff they post about their pregnancies and kids. Posting a pic of your ultrasound or your kid in a cute outfit or doing normal silly kid things is fine.
    Posting pictures of your child’s bodily functions (snotty noses, first poops, drool and yes even peeing) is not something you need to share. We also don’t want to see pee’d on pregnancy tests or hear about gross medical conditions that your pregnancy creates (sore leaking breasts, morning sickness, how constipated you are etc). Not everything needs to be shared.

  2. @Gothique

    Thats right you dont need to see it, and thats why you personally are not on their facebook, if a person posts something they believe is family like a picture of a ultrasound or how the baby feels or how they feel, that is normal and then it comes here and yall think they put it on CNN for the world to see when it was on their own personal page and I can guess it was a private page but someone is an ass and sent it in.

    I would post on my pregnacy because it feels better to talk with people about it and most people would ask me, if they are offended please delete the person you are so afraid of hearing that they feel morning sick.

    And yea the pics of poop pee and noses are too far, but these right here, are not.

  3. Anyone else remember that episode of Beavis and Butthead where they meet the escaped murderer who has “KYLER” tattooed on his forehead instead of the intended “KILLER?” That’s what this makes me think of. Poor kid.

  4. I mostly agree with Quitit. I mean facebook is a place to share your info with friends, so why be surprised that someone would share something that is pretty significant in life and of interest to those who are real friends with them? I haven’t seen one of my friends in years and when I found out she was pregnant, even though we’re young and it’s a little scandalous it was still nice to have a few details on the baby and how that was going. I could do without all the details she gives on her rocky relationship with her boyfriend, but that’s what you signed up for when you joined a social networking site. Just hide people who post too much to handle!

    I love Quitit’s comment about awards! None of us want to admit to showing off but then if you naysayers have a facebook, what the heck do you put up there? Stuff that has nothing to do with you? I’m real curious to see, not even in a sarcastic way.

    What is lame is the huge deal the mother made of her posting something as innocent as an ultrasound. That’s funny. Yea the second one could be gross but we’ve all made posts that were less than intelligent and I’m sure no one thought that was as gross as the toilet baby or the other baby’s first successful potty training photos : )

  5. too much information!!

  6. well personally, i think youre all pretty ignorant. This website is stupid as hell.
    and YES, that was ME who posted the “second” one.
    Get the fuck over it.. please! Big deal that i posted that as a status. And whoever “lulz” is… you must be a fucking loser for posting someones stuff on here. I mean really.. are you that obsessive w/ my life? Or what Im naming my child.
    And for another thing… making fun of my child’s name? I mean really. GET A FUCKING LIFE. Like i said before.. this website is a fucking JOKE. I’m sorry that you have nothing better to do w. your lifes. Thats pretty pathetic. GROW UP.

  7. Aw, I love Carly. Glad everything’s better now, dear. People are stupid for thinking there’s anything wrong with that post.

    And poor Penina, I’m sorry you don’t have a more supportive mom.

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