Monday, October 11, 2010

The Pro-Choices We Make

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  1. Is it safe to Google ‘confiscated vaginas’?
    Apparently my Firefox disagrees on my pluralizing of vaginas.
    What am i doing wrong?

  2. Is it Latin? Vaginae?

  3. Firefox is such a prude

  4. lmao – classic. Isn’t it just that google adapts to most searched for phrases, correcting you if a different search phrase has more results? Perhaps people genreally only need to confiscate one vagina on a regular basis, with the confiscation of two or more vaginas being a rarer occurence?

  5. Well, I’m going to go to sleep (weep) under a warm, wool, snuggly jumper, and try to lmao instead of worrying about the huge task we have ahead of us of confiscating a vagillion vaginae to save our planet from the next generation of Tammys..

  6. Kasey is a dirty Fing Hoe & needs her snatch superglued shut!
    Abortion is a personal decision not something to joke about.

  7. @49, gubenooj

    You were right the first time. Although I do adore the irony of people spelling retarded incorrectly ;0)

    Kasey is an brilliant example of what is wrong with her generation.

  8. I’m sad Kasey’s mother didn’t abort her.

  9. lame. that abortion clinic joke is from Mr. Show. Senhor Pickles Fun-Time Abortion Clinic – We’ll bring out the kid in ya!

  10. Looking on the brightside..Kasey may be reproducing but it’s probably a good thing none of them are brought to term.

  11. Shame on lamebook for posting garbage like this. “F” this shitty site.

  12. I agree with Foxtrot. Jesus Christ, I come here for a laugh, not to feel sick to my stomach. Lamebook is lame for posting this crap.

  13. @ Valenya23: Sorry but why would someone post their abortion business on FB, bragging that she lost weight, if she wasn’t proud of it

    Oh, I agree completely. I’m not defending Kasey at all. She sounds horrible.

    I just meant that I think that some people are able to be honest and open about their experiences without being necessarily “proud” of what they’ve done. Kasey is a good example of what NOT to do.

  14. Ugh, I cannot even stand people who brag about having an abortion. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, but why the need to tell everyone like it’s something to be proud of?

    You feeling the need to show off you’re having sex? Big deal, even the fugliest people generally manage to find other “pretty-challenged” people to copulate with.

    As far as i can see, getting knocked up either from being too stupid to use contraception or unfortunate enough to have a genuine accident, is actually no reflection on how hot/cool/intelligent/whatever you are. It’s just everyday fertilisation. Therefore having an abortion is also nothing to be “proud” of, and people like Kasey piss me off about as much as they make me feel sick.

    Oh and “still hot as hell?” Take off your truckload of makeup and peroxide, and then we can judge the accuracy of that statement!

    Rant out (sorry!)

  15. @ loma – You are my hero for saying “I’d cut her vag off..”

  16. ya seriously Kasey looks like a Lady Gaga barbie doll. fuckin gross.

  17. emilyjohnsonlovemichaelcook

    to bad the top one is fake…that aint her cause that bitch is me…some one needs to grow up i mean seriously…and its depressing cause shes talkin about abortion and i just had my lil girl 3 months ago 🙁 i mean come on kasey fucking grow up

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