Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Matters

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  1. FUCKIN LAME of lamebook to have those bullshit ads with sound

  2. I second that tod.

  3. I third that.. I could have gotten caught slacking off at work (if I had a job). It’s the principle of the thing. Anyhoooo… so that’s what a belly button is for.

  4. Hey guys, we’re trying to get to the bottom of the ads with sound. We will take care of them ASAP. Thanks for reading.

  5. You’re either a real admin in which case sweet but I already got adblocker, so you may as well just leave it, or you’re a troll in which case we both just wasted twenty seconds of our lives.

  6. Apparently the ‘a’ word is blocked on the Lamebook.

  7. I never dated guys who liked to chew gum because it’s so awkward finding a place to put it before fooling around. I guess I can give all those gum-chewers a second chance now that I know what that hole in my tummy is for!

  8. Glad I use AdBlock Plus. No ads for me. 🙂

  9. Thank you IE8, for being useless when it comes to blocking ads.

  10. firefox is much better.

  11. firefox is much much better.

  12. Well, Peggy is a cunt.

  13. Anyone else picture grandma doing shots with a basement full of teens before owning them all at beer pong?


    Just make sure they know the rule doesn’t also apply to their chewing tobacco too… eeww.

  14. @fealkj Seconded. And her son probably is a doucher.

    See, I don’t get the pop up adds, but I do get the ones on the right side on the page that start shouting at you the minute you get on the page. Most recently it’s the freaking Oreo commercials.

  15. i don’t have any adds bc of Firefox’s ADD block plus add-on.. its great try it and read lamebook like it was in the ol’ daes

  16. Cary is 22 and still in school? WTF

  17. Thank god for adblocker based on the comments here.

  18. What kind of retard doesn’t use adblock plus?

  19. I wonder if Peggy is married to the ass-hat who screamed out his car window for a friend of mine to “show some fucking class” last week when he tried to dart into her lane. Gotta love the poubelle blanc of the world.

  20. Last one is so fake..

  21. shouting oreo commercials??? HECK YEAH!

  22. What’s with all the comments about the nonexistent ads?

  23. Drifting towards a a theological argument about whether Ads exist…

  24. i just got adblocker too and im finally enjoying silence.

  25. @17 yeah I’d be that retard.

  26. now where can i adopt a granny like Helene?

  27. I wouldn’t count on that last one being a fake so fast. I asked my grandma to throw my 21st birthday party because she’s a far superior drinker than my friends and can mix a much better drink (she’s had quite a bit more experience hahaha)

    I knew my boyfriend was the one for me when I met his extended family on the fourth of July and took shots of tequila with his grandma. 🙂

    Grandparents do more than knit and own cats. 😉

  28. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    fealkj #11 is our Wallace for this post, but in a good way.

  29. @Jim_diGris, I turn 22 in February and I’ll still be in school…
    Am I retarded, too? 🙁

  30. judging by peggy, i’m going to have to say yes, the brother is an asshole.

  31. @ladyrisk, i guess it would depend if you’re still in high school or working on a post secondary education. I myself am 27 and am finishing my last year of school.

  32. lmao greenstrings

  33. Anybody using IE8 for a purpose OTHER than a first install of firefox or chrome deserves the shítty browsing experience they get.
    ladyrisk, I’m almost 26 and I’m still in school…

  34. @mad2 I can not agree with you more. So many fails with IE. my bf is one of the ones that say “I don’t have any problems with IE, I don’t see why so many people hate it and are against it.”

    “Baby…actually nvm. You’ve got your opinions and I’ve got mine.”

    By opinions in this particular subject, I mean straight up facts. IE sucks, period, end of story. I just don’t like to argue with someone, and point out all the facts, and they not change their mind on something that really is terrible.
    “To each their own.” really comes into play here.

  35. http : //verydemotivational. com/2010/09/23/demotivational-posters-internet-explorer/

    And I’m sorry, but ‘to each their own’ really only applies to situations where there’s two equally valid options. For example, suppose I am sitting there drinking Irish whiskey and my friend has bourbon. To each their own. But good browsers are to IE as a fine Irish whiskey is to pig piss. Thus, idiots who use IE get exactly what they deserve: a miserable browsing experience that is not unlike drinking the piss of a pig.

  36. My mistake. I guess I’ve been interpreting that phrase wrong my whole life, and probably used it out of context in other situations, too. ><

  37. “Oh, pig cocks and their excretory functionings are horrifying!” Philistines.

  38. Keona, I think you were using the phrase accurately, I was just fücking about, as is my wont.

  39. google chrome works best and it way more reliable than even firefox

  40. Ah… good ol’ fucking about. Always fun fun to do. 😀

  41. Peggy, go away.

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