Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meet Ashley

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  1. Lol! Fake.

  2. I’m sure an ashley-ism involves two cocks and a box of wine.

  3. I think I know her…

  4. so, isn’t anybody going to answer the poor bitch?
    fuck you all, then. I’ll tell her.

    yes, Ashley! Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, the first homosexual lovers in history, killed the vampires that were preventing Manifest Destiny.

  5. This is fake. Lincoln was actually a T-800.

  6. For less keystrokes she could have asked google, IF she is indeed that dumb and not just pretending to be cute.

  7. ^was it a complete, radical hysterectomy, teek? did they take your fallopian tubes and ovaries as well?

    why did you need it anyway? did you get cervical cancer from years of unprotected sex with multiple partners?

  8. Like; oh my god; like; are movies real?

  9. ^ wow. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

  10. I sense an overuse of planet living picture…

  11. alexbeswick1988

    I took the original screenshot, Ashley is a gay guy from the U.K, not a chick- he posts status’s all the time like this, he is dim but a great guy 🙂

  12. YES I Have just registerd to this pathetic site just to see this BESWICK!!!
    And YES I wrote this status and what?
    I was just asking a question 🙂
    sooooo fuck you, you intelligant cunts.

  13. I don’t know about dim, I’m sure he’s just fabulous…but anyways, Ashweii, you’re a fag right? I’m cool with that, but listen, there be no cockslobbing or sword play unless I get to watch, k? I’m also looking for a new deck boy, Herp didn’t want to play along, interested?

  14. see? i told you they were all gay.

  15. ^ good call. well played.

    God, I hate that people this fucking retarded even exist.

  16. I find it just a bit ironic that even though Ashley turned out to be a guy, he still only makes it through life by smoking the meat pole.

  17. , there any other way for a twat named Ashley?

  18. Ah, but beatus, does sucking dick make you stupid or does being stupid make you hungry for cock?

  19. ^someone tell beatus that if one constantly refers to the people who are willing to perform oral sex upon one’s filthy body in such a derogatory and dismissive manner, one may compromise the future of one’s fellatio.

  20. Mrsbeatusmongous

    hah. it’s already compromised.
    you is a douche, beatusmongous!

  21. Stupid people need to find something that they can do for money.

  22. ^and if Ruth‘s mouth is full, she wont be able to annoy me anymore?

    you’re a fucking genius, beat, you know that?

  23. Wait, Abraham Lincoln was a President?

  24. ^keep suckin’, whore.
    baby needs shoes.

  25. Ugh. I’m in a quandry here… At first I was embarrassed that Ashley and I are of the same species; then I found out that Ashley is a gay guy. Gay men are the best species of all. So do I love him or hate him? I decided to love him, especially if he is a flamer. I heart flamers.

  26. BorderlineDane

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she named her stupidity

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