Thursday, July 26, 2012

50 Shades Away

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  1. Raise your hand if you’re tired of 50 Shades posts.
    *raises hand*

  2. Both hands, Nails, both hands. We know what you are up to with the other. Maybe if you took a break from beating off you wouldn’t be so tired from the 50 Shades posts ?

  3. Porn is fake.

  4. I wonder if he will add 50 shades of brown to his bathroom collection.

  5. @2: I was busy choking you out with the other hand; word is you like that. That’s what your mom told me.
    OH! Zing! See what I did there?? Mama joke there!
    God, I am so fucking witty.
    And fuck you.

  6. Tl000 is an imposter.

  7. Correct^.

  8. No nails, I fail to see what you did there, unless it is that you showed yourself to be a knob end with delusions of grandure. In that case, yes dude, we all saw what you did.

  9. 50 shades of grey is lame and fake

  10. @8: Nobody fucking asked you, tokaz. And if you’re going to try and be mildly funny in your insults (as compared to my superior intellect and dashing wit), then at least try and spell shit correctly. It’s “grandeur,” not whatever the fuck you put. Go back to middle school, assclown.

  11. At least this person spelled “drivel” correctly.

  12. “Grand Endurance”

  13. I fucked Nails.

  14. ^ Dude, you are such a fucking tool. Go back to work, those trash cans ain’t gonna pick themselves up.

  15. Be careful there, Nails. “Fucking tool” means something completely different (and quite a welcome compliment) to 9.

  16. Does it just mean he’s a dick then (if I’m reading it the way you are, beatus)? He’s okay with that? Whatever, it wouldn’t surprise me.

  17. @16 It means he is a tool (ex. Hammer) and he fucks nails with it! Thus, a fucking tool.

  18. I was leaning more towards a sybian or a pleasure box, but basically, fakenstein has the right idea.

  19. Ding! Ding! Ding! Four floating beatus heads in a row! I’m cashing out.

  20. Damn I didn’t block you in time! You wait buddy, you wait..ill get you back tonight!

  21. ^what does it even mean when a gutter junkie threatens that?
    that you’re gonna break into his house and steal his television?

  22. Capn has assured me that he is not that kind of junkie. And I for one believe him. And that he will pay back the $1500 I lent him to pay for his foster kid’s dialysis.

  23. my foster kid is in an iron lung.
    when can you send the check?

  24. I’ve won some lottery in britain that I never bought a ticket for. What are the odds!! So just as soon as that money comes through.

  25. Little Connor is going to be so disappointed.

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