Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Salty at CVS

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  1. I don’t normally think anything on this site is “awesome” but if this really happened to this person that has to be the most awesome thing this year.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It’s fake.

  3. Ron was picking up the good drugs at CVS.

  4. ElizabethBerkelydid

    What does C V S stand for?

  5. Cocaine, Vicodin, Steroids.

  6. cock vagina sex

  7. Can’t Verify Status

  8. Queen Latifah lost weight? Is she still recognized as a planet?

  9. I wonder why she couldn’t blink. I can’t wink, but I would have winked at Queen Latifah.

  10. carlosspicyweiner

    @8, well played good sir, well played.

  11. ^we in the industry call that a ‘call back’.

  12. @4 If I were a crass person I would suggest Cunty Vagina Snatch, but I’m not.. so I won’t.

  13. Heh…they weren’t worried about the animals well being…them fat bitches was hungry!

  14. Stevie Nicks after the drug years? Dude ain’t getting any younger. Ron, the kids today make ragecomics of stories like this, facebook is so 2008.

  15. Wow, Ron, you are so crazy and daring. Settle down, my homey, or you gonna get capped!

  16. Fake.

  17. Stevie Nicks is a woman, for those who apparently didn’t know. Also, CVS is a pharmacy, hence the drug references.

  18. Jim, I would really love to punch you in the throat for calling the inestimable Ms Nicks a dude.

  19. ^this.

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