Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just Had To…

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  1. Fake.

  2. I did Amanda.

  3. I fucked Amanda. And then stuck it in bullmoose’s ass.

  4. hate when people say ‘mind your business’ on facebook. bitch, if it’s in my news feed, it’s now my business.

  5. matzomg, correct and agreed!

  6. I like Gus. I just wish he’d spelled “then” correctly and apostrophied “dude’s”.

  7. ElizabethBerkelydid

    One time I said YOLO and all my coworkers told me it was inappropriate.

  8. ^YOLO

  9. @ Eliz. Do you work at a morgue?

  10. …or at a Buddhist retreat?

  11. ^so, basically, what you’re saying is you’re 9’s daddy, and possibly a closet pedophile?

  12. I like red shirt day. I just go topless.

  13. ^pedobear

  14. Hank, that comment is both disturbing and pathetic at the same time.

  15. not bad bodies for 13 year olds, hopefully they keep the weight off

  16. Omg I’M NOT 13! I’m not 13! I’m 13 1/2 and I’m responsible an I dun kare wut muh mama saiz I’m old anuff 2 halve a babei. Itz nun ov y’all bitchezez bizniss newayz so u go on n worri bout ur own shit n stai owt of my shit. Maury, muh boi frend Tyrone luvz mi n I luv him n wi wunna git marred n stuff he saiz hees nevr gonna, “cuz, fuck you” but I sad okay cuz itz no big dill cuz wur in luv n I kno he wood never cheet on mi wit no ho frum da trailor park his whip iz parked at. Plus he brings me choclit and shit n tellz mi I’m buttifull and have a prity fuckhole n hi wunts tew fall aslip wit his pinis insid mi n stuff. He’s so romantick n dreamy! I luff him lawts! Itz kewl cuz he kan dryve hiz howse arown..wutever I dun kare rite no me n tyrones fine black ass r fitna go luk @ babei junk @ walmart n try tew git sum cheep stuff b4 my water brakes. @ list his allways gunna bee der 4 mi so fuk all u h8ters ur jus made cuz ur fat n no1 luffs u cuz u smell lyke cabbage. N I wuld nver lay a boi named hank cuz his old n has wrinkled pinis! Fagi boi! Go eat up beti whit!

  17. I always figured that and this kind of confirmed it. See some girls nowadays want to talk about how they have had sex. One way they can prove that they have had sex is by getting pregnant. So now they are stuck with a baby and most likely a horrible future simply to prove how “mature” they are to a bunch of kids they will probably never see again…

  18. sad pregnant abd can’t spell

  19. and*

  20. matzomg, I like your attitude.

    Capn, you keep talking like that I’m gonna hunt you down and rip your knob off.

    And in regards to the OP… If three hot young women love each other and want to have a baby together who are all you fuckers to judge them?

  21. @17 You just Hanked off all over my screen, you filthy pirate!

  22. My only question is: Why would a man NOT want a woman remembering she had sex with him? Unless either he sucks at it, or he has no chance in hell of ever being with her.

  23. OK OK, Franky baby…gawd. I will probably give the bopper speak a break for a bit…that shit really IS a huge pain in the ass to type up at first…Not too bad once you start to remember which letters and letter combos to substitute to make that shit look and read as stupid an asinine as possible…perhaps I should start trolling “teen development” and relationship groups with that bopper speak. I could find in just perfect if I came up with the right user name, maybe I’ll steal that bun…I mean a variation of that baby rabbit’s stupid ass handle.

  24. So, just to be clear Capn. You (an adult male) are going to start hanging around young teen online communities, with a username and writing style designed to pass yourself off as an underage teenage girl..

    Do you want to rethink that idea?

  25. Cause, you know, we’ve sadly just lost rightbrain3, I’d hate for you to disappear as well.

  26. I doubt capnjack has any options, frank.
    his writing style and social outlook is exactly the same as a teenage bitch’s is anyways, no matter how he tries to disguise that fact (and he doesn’t appear to bother disguising it at all).

    so I guess he’s just embracing it.

  27. #Franky, didn’t mean it quite to come off like that, was more in jest poking fun at whatever that sorry ass said before it his post got deleted…It also now appears I was accusing poor ol’ Bacchante of being 9’s papa and being a pedophile. I hate it when certain posts get deleted…just fucks up the whole flow of things and confused the hell outta everyone!

  28. ^a sorry-ass excuse is not the same as a reason.

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