Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Swearing Social

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  1. I swear!

  2. Matt’s case is fake.

  3. T1ooo’s comments are annoying and unfunny.

  4. this isn’t the same T1000. Therefore this TIooo is FAKE

  5. ^ the irony.

  6. this scam merchants are Indians

  7. I’d try licking the voucher. Cockheads typically respond to licking.

  8. You fuckers are killing me. I expect some goddamn comic relief when I come back from 6 days of hell, and I get this shit. Fuck. All.

  9. serves you utterly right for buying a fucking ‘voucher’, you stupid cunt.
    no sympathies – goes double – when you take into account that that ‘living social’ bullshit is regularly all over the news being busted for their service to the community as a pack of incompetent scamming dicksuckers.

  10. By “news”, you mean Today Tonight, don’t you? Ooh, ooh, or A Current Affair!

  11. I don’t watch commercial tv. I have interwebs.

  12. Yeah, I know.

    Finger on the pulse, baby. Finger on the pulse.

  13. that link looks like a virus

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