Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Point

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  1. At least they don’t.molest and descriminate!

  2. Short bread turns me on.

  3. ^ *Discriminate. And your comment makes no sense you fuckin douche

  4. I could respond with rage or try to calm you down. 🙂
    Discriminate. There you go. Never discriminated much, so I wouldn’t know.
    And my comments were about boy scouts, amigo!
    Have a good one.

  5. I think I see the problem…

    Is is that the American Army is so preoccupied stuffing their fucking faces with cookies, that the gormless piss wits keep opening up on their allies?

  6. Abraham Lincoln

    @himalayanhindu – really why are you still bothering to post? Everything you write gets shot down in flames, do you take pleasure in everybody thinking you’re a moron?

  7. he takes pleasure in getting everyone riled up..and he succeeded again

  8. Only Thin Mints and Samoas are good, and I guarantee those were sold.

  9. Would himalayanhindu prefer it if they molested everyone, indiscriminately?

  10. I am skeptical of this story from the OP. If true, I am sure it would have received a lot of media attention. Not to mention, being banned from talking to the girl in your troupe? Seems a little odd. I didn’t find any articles retelling this claim, either. We, therefore, have to assume that the OP is a Girl Scouts insider and is using Facebook as a sort of WikiLeaks-don’t think so.

  11. Would I? That would be big NO.

    No mo, no dis- that’s my policy.

    Hugging trees too!

  12. Why would you want to send cookies to adults who are already eating well off of your tax dollars? It would make a lot more sense and cost a lot less to give them to homeless / poor children.

    Good on the girl scouts for coming down hard on this idiot and not allowing her to spread her ill-considered ideas to the rest of the troupe. Stupidity’s contagious.

  13. ^ frankenstein> for prime minister!

  14. Hah. Bold fail.

  15. This is complete BS. The Girl Scouts actually started donated leftover (and donated) boxes to troops this year. Plus, how do you ban a kid from talking to other kids. People are idiots.

  16. #15 Not only that but I’m fairly certain that before this they donated left over boxes to soup kitchens.

  17. Thanks bacchante. (Looks like a have a better approval rating than the current one.)

  18. is this the same organization that came down on a girl a few years ago for setting up a website and selling the cookies, claiming it was an unfair advantage? this organization can eat a dick. if the cookies are sold for fundraising (they are), then they should be sold online all year long. haven’t bought any since that debacle. in regars to this specifically, #12 has got it right.

  19. Frankie, if you become Prime Minister, I’m moving to Australia.

  20. Obviously fake. They have already been donating unsold Girl Scout cookies to troops for at least a couple of years. I know this because I had to help them distribute donated boxes to my military unit back in 2011.

  21. Are you people incapable of using Google? Here, I’ll help you:

    Also, this:

    It wasn’t fake; it was just an isolated incident, so don’t use your argument of “they’ve been doing xyz for xyz years” because you sound ridiculous.

  22. #18- There are several rules in place for cookie sales, in order to keep things fair. The girl broke the rules. You have to sell in person and during the given time. GSA does other fundraisers during the year. Cookies can still be sold throughout the year though, the troop has to buy them ahead of time though so not many troops do that.
    #21- I’m a troop leader, have been for years, so I do in fact know what I’m talking about. There are several bakeries that make the cookies, what one bakery does with unsold cookies has nothing to do with the GSA.

  23. I think what himalayanhindu was trying to say was that the girl scouts may have suspended her or whatever but at least they don’t molest their troops and then discriminate against homosexuals who want to join the boy scouts. Either way, it’s stupid. That little girl wanted to do an amazing thing by showing support to our troops overseas and she was punished because of it. I may not support the war, but I support our troops who are fighting in it.

  24. Oh, and shame on you #12 for calling her stupid and an idiot. It probably would be cheaper to give those cookies to homeless people/poor children, and it is a great idea. However, she probably knows someone who is fighting overseas and they are probably very close to her. It doesn’t make her an idiot or a moron for wanting to help in any way she could. It makes her heroic.

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