Friday, March 1, 2013

Well Played…

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  1. Paging Dr.capitan

  2. Well played Capn’jacque, Himalayanhindu, MsAnnthrope and Beatusmongus! Very creative; you guys got him good!!

  3. Funny two days ago.

  4. They now have a purpose. That’s hot.

  5. Fish and chips

  6. Thanks, Steeeever. Now go fuck yourself.

    I used to go up to people and quietly tell them to look at someone else, laugh, and say, “You’re right, he does!”

  7. ^^Steeeeeverrr was talking to Beatusmongus, not you.

  8. Steeeever got more thumbs up than thumbs down! What a day!

  9. Geez Stever with a semi-humorous comment? Now I’ve seen everything!

  10. Wow this is the first time I gave Stever a thumbs up and unsurprisingly I feel kind of dirty but in a good way.

  11. Watching 30 Special Faces trying to High Five each other would be a bit like watching a gang of flailing pisshead epileptics caught in a strobe light. Somebody is going to end up on the floor covered in dribble swallowing their own tongue.

    There’s be more missed slappers then a Ipswich Truckers Cafe.

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