Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Insane Inbox

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  1. Fake.

  2. Herpies is fake. Herpes is real.

  3. B Arthur needs to stop adding strippers.

  4. Adam loves her pies, that’s why he has them. Her pies are delish.

  5. I wonder If heather will be able to take a dick like 9’s.

  6. Ahem.

  7. Does this indicate that men should stop seeing strippers? Personally, I have 4 good friends that are strippers. Each make a good living and are very beautiful. Each have had some sexy time with me and none have herpes. Strippers are good people, forced to make a living because bitches like A— make them feel terrible about themselves and unemployment. Good grief.

  8. Dawn of the Dan

    Uhm, no.
    Strippers are strippers because their uncles/step-dads molested them repeatedly.

  9. I fucked Heather…and gave her herpes.

  10. Dawn of the Dan, do you think about the strippers’ tragic, incestuous and abusive upbringings when they’re grinding on stage in front of you? And does that turn you on? Have you sought help for this?

  11. Oh, and 9, it obviously didn’t work. The Herp is still here.

  12. Isn’t a genis a fat dude’s nether region? Combo of Gut Penis?

  13. ^I am happy to say I know neither the word or the reality of ‘a genis’.

    So Heather seems to just be advertising to all and sundry that she has the herp and has passed it on to her poor “baby daddy” (how do people actually use this term and not feel deep, soul rotting shame?) without remorse.

  14. @12: Let’s explore (from the source of all words, Urban Dictionary):

    “1. genis
    The bulge of pant material that sticks up right on top of your crotch when you sit down.
    “These jeans give me a giant genis when I sit.”

    2. genis
    (Masculin) fatty lump in the lowest abdominal region of a man. Blending the “gut” and “penis’. You always wonder how they pee.
    “That fat man has a huge genis!”

    Looks like there is more than one meaning, but you are correct.
    Also, balls.

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