Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slobbery Sonia

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  1. ElizabethBerkelydid

    I used to think this was a site where people read Facebook postings to laugh. Now when I read this site I get real sad. Does anyone live in the Conneticut area and want to be friends?

  2. ^Yes.

  3. ^Shocker.

  4. I wonder if Sonia would slobber my balls. If she’s old enough to breathe, she’s old enough to breed.

  5. ^ Did your mother have any children that lived?

  6. ^Fake

  7. I once put two slobbery balls in my pants. It felt like I had cum all over them. Not sure why I did that.

  8. ^fucktard

  9. Sonia can be found in the park most afternoons.. quick with a smile and a saucy innuendo.. never actually been seen with a dog, though.

  10. hey ElizabethBerkely, i don’t want to be your actual friend, but I’ll borrow your car for you and promise to fuck it up completely.

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