Friday, January 8, 2010

Have You Ever Wanted a Period So Bad?


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  1. @42 – excuse me? I have never had my ring destroyed

  2. @49 Yeah, that’s interesting…

  3. @caleb – Would you like to?

  4. I think my eyes just had a period from trying to read that crap.

  5. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was waiting for a pregnancy reference.

  6. @ 55 – but aren’t you glad there wasn’t one? I’d never wish infertility on someone, but…

  7. @caleb – Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean your ring has been given eternal invincibility. Besides, your house is like a shire, so you’re Frodo. Don’t worry about Kyle, he can be Sam.

  8. @5 Seinsible Madness Wins again!

  9. I feel like I just read the thoughts of a female chimpanzee. Makes you long for the good old days when idiots were illiterate.

  10. Started looking for the panadol after the 3rd line.

  11. Can’t be fucked reading it

  12. Angsty ain’t she? and with good reason too, I can’t believe all of you cold-hearted bastards are on here mocking her broken heart.

    She’s hurting, confused, tired and just needs to be held whilst somebody calls her buttercup.

    That’s not what you really need sweetie, the ONLY way to make the pain in your heart to stop is to replace it with one in your fanny. Bend over Buttercup.

  13. @Imamofo – Epic Win.

  14. I hope the guy in question replied to this by saying:

    “Why did you build me up, buttercup?”

    Then he would be a real man.

  15. My head hurts….

  16. Makster! we said the same thing! haha!

    I think school teachers should copy this and use it in their lesson plans. “Learn to write in a half way decent manner and you won’t end up on ‘lamebook.'”

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